5 Dec 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #176

ONE // Christmas Decorations
I did it. I took out my decorations and put up my Christmas tree for the season! It took me all day, but I enjoyed every minute of it, ha ha! I always do it myself (unless my mom or sister is around) but I don't mind. At least I know I can take my time, do it properly and the tree will look perfect. Not that that's absolutely necessary, but it is nice. I also had a new surface to decorate this year: the piano. I didn't buy anything new, but dug out some unused decorations from my boxes and made them feel new again. I just love the ambiance that the lights create in the evening. They make for such a cozy space I love spending time in.    

TWO // Festive Blocks
My mom gifted me this DIY painted bloc project last Christmas and I only got around to doing it this fall. Truth be told, I was saving it to do it closer to the holidays, you know, to be in the festive frame of mind. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I did go a little rogue and added a coat of clear glitter over the white blocks for that little bit extra. It now sits atop my piano and I get to enjoy it every day. I love adding those crafty personal touches to my holiday decor. Between my blocs, my sister's artwork, my mom's handmade table runners and stockings, my very own table runner, my sister-in-law's amazing handmade tree ornaments; I've got a lot of personal touches! This year, we even have an ornament made by our dog (she had help from her groomer)! To me, the handmade things are the most precious.

THREE // Movie Mug
I have the best aunt! Last weekend, she had us over for a little viewing party during the premiere of the Hallmark movie I got to be in. We made a whole thing of it and had a great time. My aunt had set up a hot chocolate station, as one does for such events. When the time came to make our delectable drinks, she surprised me with a gift. She got me my very own Hallmark Christmas movie mug! Could she be any cuter? I mean, that is the most thoughtful thing and she totally made my day! She knows me so well! I will be sure to put it to good use all season long because there are plenty more Hallmark movies coming our way!

FOUR // Mrs. Maisel - Season 4
Oh, here we go!!! I tell you, my TV line-up is starting to look pretty great over the coming weeks and months. I've lost track of all the new seasons (and movies) of my favourite shows are being released. The timing is great as we head into the cold season. I've got my cozy PJs and an array of tea flavours ready to go for all those hours of bingeing. Yes, I'm a TV binger and will shout it from the rooftops, ha ha! All that to say that I am so pumped for the fourth season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I am ready for the wittiness, the vintage fashion and the repartee between Midge and Suzie, who's with me? Oh, and it would appear these ladies will be shaking things up and making changes this season. I am so here for it!

FIVE // Green Coat
Speaking of Midge Maisel has me thinking of my own colourful coat collection. In the spring, I snagged this gorgeous double-breasted bottle green coat on sale. I have a lot of colourful coats, but I didn't have a solid green one and found myself thinking that this would be a great shade to wear around the holidays. A statement coat is such a great thing to have and wear during the colder months. I like to extend my outfit planning to the outdoor wear as well to create cohesion. I like to look put together, I've always been this way! Anyway, this coat is great paired with a tartan scarf for the holidays, but can also be worn all through winter and even early spring by switching out the accessories. That's one thing, I make sure I can wear my coat all season long, and our winter tend to stretch out in Canada...

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