19 Dec 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #178

ONE // Tartan Nap Dresses
I think the navy tartan Ellie is THE dress that made me fall in love with the Nap Dress. I'm a sucker for a good tartan and the combination of tartan and Nap Dress is what did it for me. Even though I fell in love with the dress last holiday season, it still took me until the summer to pull the trigger and get my first one. Granted, by then the tartan print was long gone. However, all of my Nap Dress dreams came true when it was announced that the navy tartan Ellie would be relaunched this year, despite the supply chain issues! I marked my calendar, joined the Nap Room and prayed I'd get my hands on the elusive navy tartan Ellie. My heart was beating a hundred miles per hour as I clicked through to the checkout in the blink of an eye. I did it, I snagged my very own navy tartan Ellie! It was such a rush! Oh, and the dress is perfection in person. Also, there were no plans for any tartan Neslis this year, but the team at Hill House found a box of red tartans from last year and put them on the site the very next day. Needless to say I also snagged that perfect number. I now have the two tartan Nap Dresses I'd been lusting over for at least a year and will wear for years to come! With no plans for Christmas and lost of time spent at home, I will be living in these dresses.

TWO // Red Coat
I had been on the hunt for a long red coat for a few years now. I have a bright red pea coat that used to be my mom's and I love it, but I wanted a longer, dressier option. I found this perfect deep red wrap coat at Ricki's this fall and it was love at first sight. It's not a bright red, but it's not burgundy either, somewhere in between. I love the shawl collar and wrap belt. Plus, the leopard lining adds some fun and interest. It fits well and will be perfect to wear with dresses and skirts all season long, especially during the holidays.

THREE // Moccasin Slippers
Being the person who is always cold, yet is always walking around barefoot, I needed to find a solution to keep warm. I'd like to point out that my feet are always cold even when I wear socks. My husband did not believe me, but I proved to him that it was in fact the case. That's why I just go barefoot. It makes no difference whether I'm wearing socks or not. However, he did manage to convince me to try these sherpa-lined moccasins from Old Navy. He's been wearing moccasin slippers for the longest time and swears by them. Well, I got them and they actually keep my feet warm! I'm so surprised because nothing has worked before. In fact, I'd say the work almost too well. My feet don't just get warm, but I'd even say hot sometimes. Anyways, they have been a real discovery during my time working from home.

FOUR //December Ipsy
I got my last glam bag of the year and it's a good one! I mostly got facial products like serums, toners, moisturizers and eye contour cream. I actually prefer this type of product to makeup as I'm a firm believer in building a great foundation rather than trying to fix it or covering it up. I prioritize taking great care of my skin over lathering on makeup. Not that I don't like makeup, but I stick to a very simple daily routine of brow definer, light eyeshadow, light blush and my signature black wing liner and bold lip. That's actually it. I only ever do a full face of makeup on very rare occasions as I'm not big on foundation, primers, etc. Nothing wrong with that, just not my thing. That being said, I'm loving the shimmery lip balm. It's such a great everyday product that looks good and does good. I also actually like the green polish. I'm normally not a green nail polish kind of girl, but this shade is a nice evergreen. I have yet to try the comb and keratin treatment, but I'm hoping they'll help define the natural wave in my hair. I'm very pleased with my December goodies!

FIVE // Fair Isle Cardigan
By now, any long-time reader will undoubtedly know that I am a sucker for a good Christmas sweater and this cardigan did not escape me. It's the perfect red and white festive pattern; I mean, the snowflakes and reindeer are perfection! Unlike my other pull over styles, this cardigan is much more versatile. I can easily wear it buttoned up on its own, but it can be combined endlessly to create a never-ending stream of holiday looks. I also definitely plan on wearing it with lots of tartan because I'm extra like that. This exact sweater also comes in navy (which would make it ideal for the entirety of the winter season) and it took all my might to resist purchasing both...

***Seeing as I will be taking a little break from blogging over the holidays, I thought I'd throw in a bonus in today's post! Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all in on a change coming to the blog in the new year. I have decided to post my Mimi Takes Five series on Fridays instead of Sundays and going down to four outfit posts instead of five per week. Doing this will give me a bit more flexibility in my schedule and reduce my workload a bit, allowing me to focus on other blog-related work. That being said, the MT5 posts will resume on Friday, January 7, 2022.***

BONUS // Matching Socks
While I was able to resist purchasing the above sweater in navy, I was not able to resist the matching red socks, ha ha! I mean, how could I pass up this perfect match? I did get the double pack that included a pair of red and white marled socks as well. Believe it or not, I did not have red socks. So, now that I do, I can make sure to wear them all season long and look completely put together.  

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