8 Apr 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #192

ONE // Book Five
Alright, almost halfway through the Outlander series! I would have been halfway were it not for the release of a ninth book last fall... Anyway, I had sort of stopped reading at some point this fall when I was about a third of the way through the fourth book (Drums of Autumn). I decided to pick it up again in February during our little getaway and found my reading groove once more. Last fall, I had hoped to be done reading book five (The Fiery Cross) before the sixth season of the show played on TV. Alas, I did not meet that goal. That's okay, I've adjusted and gave myself a new goal. I finished reading book four and plan on reading the entirety of book five before I delve into the current season of the TV show. That way, I'll be all caught up about what happened up until that point. After that, I will read the sixth book (and get to compare with the show) before continuing on in the series. I'd also like to point out that these are massive books; small print, lots of pages.I predict that by the time the seventh season of the show is released, I will have already read that book. Besides, I've got time. Droughtlander is called that for a reason, ha ha!

TWO // Real Housewives of Dubai
Ohh, this one is going to be good, I can just feel it! Bravo released a teaser for its newest addition to the Housewives franchise, Dubai. I've been watching various Housewives shows over the years and have a soft spot for New York and New Jersey. I've dabbled a bit in the other shows, but always watch RHONY and RHONJ. I recently enjoyed the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, which saw a mash-up of women from different shows going on vacation together. I liked how we got to explore new personal dynamics and see the women from different shows interacting. It's a good way to refresh the series a bit and I am looking forward to the second season launching soon. As much as I like the OG housewives shows, I also like the spin-offs in other countries. I've enjoyed the Real Housewives of Melbourne and Sydney, but my utmost favourite show of the franchise was Ladies of London! I lived for LOL and absolutely adore Caroline Stanbury. Hence my excitement for this new iteration of the show in Dubai. Caroline is currently living in Dubai and I was hoping we'd get her back on our screens. I can't wait for the over-the-top drama and extravagance. This kind of television is my guilty pleasure!

THREE // Body Crescent
I got this beech wood body crescent for my birthday. It's a neat little gizmo that is used to massage sore muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system. I actually keep it on my nightstand and use it regularly on my legs. I use it mostly for sore muscles and it's such an easy tool to use. I'm also a big fan of massage balls for rolling and loosening tense muscles. The body crescent achieves a similar goal, but in a different approach. It's a decent size and can be used on the whole body. I find it quite relaxing, really. It's a great little self-care tool!

FOUR //Get Organized - Season 2
One of the most satisfying shows is back for season two and I couldn't be happier about it! The Home Edit is back on our screens to edit, categorize, contain and maintain every space in our homes. It's a system! I remember being completely mesmerized over the first season when in release in September 2020, aka peek pandemic. I've always been a great organizer and thrive on routine and order, but the show just reignited that urge to organize my home even more! Truth be told, we'd been making a very conscious effort not to clutter up our lives and space post fire, but I still had a few areas that needed sorting. I take it one little project or area at a time and it's not overwhelming. I use the same method as I do for deep cleaning, one room/area at a time. That way, it's easier to stay on track and actually see progress and the end result. I'd say I still have areas that can use attention, but I'm very pleased with what I was able to tackle in the last couple years. Watching the show is actually relaxing now because I'm at peace knowing the systems I've already put in place are holding up well. The satisfaction is at an all-time high!

FIVE // Iced Tea Time
We had a few glorious, sunny days this past week and my husband had the brilliant idea of making some iced tea! I was down with the plan and started the kettle immediately. I rummaged through my tea cupboard to find the fruity flavours and settled on Aloe Glow (similar) from David's Tea. It's a brilliant red, fruity, slightly sweet concoction, perfect for making iced tea. Once the loose leaf mixture had steeped a solid 5 minutes, I added some cold water and lots of ice to the pitcher. VoilĂ ! We had freshly brewed iced tea in a matter of minutes. There are few things I enjoy more on a warm, sunny day than a refreshing iced tea and the season is just beginning!

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