15 Apr 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #193

ONE // Orchid Leaf
After months (maybe even a year?), I am finally spotting a new leaf on my orchid. It typically blooms once a year, but it hasn't since 2020 and that's my fault... When the stem started to grow, I snapped it when trying to clip it to its stake. Then, there was hope as a second stem had started to grow as well! I had never had two stems at once before. Then, I went and snapped that one too. I was not feeling good about that... Normally, at the end of a blooming period, my orchid usually loses a leaf. Because I was interfering with its usual cycle, my plant did not lose any leaves in the last year or so and should have lost two, one for each stem. Well, I'd been noticing the two older leaves yellowing for a while and was hopeful that my orchid would resume its normal cycle. Other than not blooming (because of me) it was still perfectly healthy. I was very happy to notice the new leaf budding. I'll be keeping an eye out for any signs of a new stem too! Maybe it will actually bloom in 2022!

TWO // Running
It's finally running season again! I'm a fair-weather runner, so tend to avoid running in the snow and ice. It was finally dry enough outside to lace-up my running shoes and hit the pavement. It's so good to be back at it. The nice thing about taking a winter break is that by spring, you're really excited to start running again. Also, the fact that the sun is shining is making me want to spend more time outdoors, and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by getting the little heart pumping? I'm making the most of the perfect spring weather before it gets unbearably hot and I have to run at sunrise or sunset... To me, spring and fall are the perfect running seasons. The crisp in the air is refreshing and the plants are always at their best, budding green or golden palette.

THREE // Easter
How is it already Easter weekend? It was Valentine's Day just a couple weeks ago! At least the weather has been feeling more springlike, so it does in a way feel right. Also, Easter isn't super early this year either, so it shouldn't feel like it's coming up quickly. I guess the passage of time has been very warped these last couple years, to say the least. I'm looking forward to the long weekend and plan on enjoying the weather, getting a bit of yard work done and maybe some spring cleaning. We don't have any major plans and will just be staying home. I mean, we might venture out to get some chocolate (because what is Easter without chocolate?), but that's about it!

FOUR // Pastel Workout Tops
One can never have too many cute workout tops, right? I mean, nothing motivates me more than great workout clothes. I got a couple new tanks from Joe Fresh and love them! I especially love the pastel watercolour thank because it's so bright and fun. Plus, it will go with so many of my solid-coloured leggings. I like buying colours that I can mix and match for my workout clothes as it maximizes the combination possibilities and takes a bit of guesswork out of putting outfits together. I like being able to just grab and go without too much thought. I don't care as much about being put together when I work out, but it's nice to still look somewhat cohesive. That's not always the case, sometimes I end up with a mish-mash of prints and colours, but as long as I'm getting my sweat on, it doesn't really matter, ha!

FIVE // ON Navyist Reward
Great news, Old Navy is starting its very own rewards program! Seeing as I do quite a bit of shopping at Old Navy (Gap and Banana Republic), this announcement is quite welcome. I signed up right away! It seems like a straightforward program in which you earn 1 point for every dollar spent and each 100 point equals 1 reward dollar. Rewards can be redeemed at any store from the brand. I figured I'd have nothing to lose in signing up because I frequent those stores a lot, so my point balance should climb fairly steadily. Oh, and there's a 250-point signup bonus, so I've already got $2 reward dollars in my account. I can't wait to see how this reward program shapes up in the long run.

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