29 Apr 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #195

ONE // Fresh Hair
The last time I got my hair cut and coloured was at the end of November... To say I was due would be an understatement. I just got stuck in the cycle of needing to book an appointment and never actually getting around to it. Also, I haven't found my groove back since my sister left town. She would stay on top of my maintenance appointments for me. I still go to the same salon, so it's the same, but different. I finally did book an appointment and it happened this week. Penny did my roots (which were so grown out it was more of a full colour) and a much-needed cut. That's right, I got six inches taken off. What a difference! I loved my long hair, but it had gotten very long and I needed a refresh. I feel so much lighter! Also, I've been experimenting and trying to reacquaint myself with my natural wave, so perhaps a good chop will help. Penny diffused my hair and used some curl product and this is the result! She did touch up a few not-so-wavy strands, but other than that, this is my natural hair texture. I used to curl a lot as a child, but it's been a while since I've worn it naturally. I used to think it was just crazy frizz, but I guess there's still some natural texture in there after all!

TWO // Grace and Grandeur Bows
I couldn't resist getting a few more colours of the Grace and Grandeur velvet hair bows. They are my absolute favourite! While I have a few smaller velvet bows, some are on a hair elastic and I find them harder to wear. The barrette option is the winner in my book! Also, the quality and statement worthiness of the G&G bows are simply unmatched. I had gotten my first ones (red, navy and burgundy) in the fall and I've worn them often these last few months. Seeing as the warmer weather is just around the corner, I wanted some lighter options so got the champagne and glacier blue. I also snagged an emerald one that I had been eyeing since Christmas. I simply can't get enough of these bows and think I'll end up with a collection to rival my headband collection... A girl needs colour options, right?

THREE // Anatomy of a Scandal
I wouldn't be a true Downton Abbey fan if I didn't watch Michelle Dockery's new show, now would I? Honestly, this show would have likely ended up on my radar regardless of Michelle Dockery because I'm also a big fan of British television series and love a good mystery/trial format. This show is a bit like Suits meets The Crown. It's also giving me major A Very British Scandal and A Very English Scandal vibes. Very much the same feel. Clearly, a good scandal makes for great television... Unlike the previous two series mentioned, this series is based on a book by Sarah Vaughan and observes the themes of privilege and consent. I quite enjoyed the series (watched it in two days, it's only six episodes). While fictional, it touches on how today's society deals with problems involving powerful and privileged people and brings to light certain aspects intrinsically linked to institutions and traditions. It really made me take a beat and ponder a few things.

FOUR // Running Shoes
Seeing as running season has started up again for me, I got some new running shoes. I've been getting the exact same model for years now (I think this is my fourth pair...) Finding a running shoe that works for you can be difficult. I have a narrow foot and a very high arch - which needs support. I also prefer lightweight shoes. The New Balance 1400v6 is my glass slipper of running shoes. I typically get a new pair every year, so this year was no different. Also, knowing which shoes you like makes buying them online so much more straightforward. Last year I ended up getting the exact same colourway as the previous year because that was the only option. However, this year I had a choice, so switched it up slightly. I usually hang onto my previous year's pair and downgrade them to my walking shoes. I keep the new ones for running as they offer optimal support. It's a rotation system that works for me!

FIVE // More Pins
I can't stop (and won't stop) acquiring Nutmeg and Arlo pins. They are my favourite whimsical, cutesy pins. I decided to place an order of clearance pins that I had been eyeing for a while now. I got a little red apple to add to my fruit pin collection and then got some Harry Potter inspired pins: the golden (Hogwarts) letter, the red (Howler) letter and a flying key. I love that I get to express my Potter fandom through wearing pins. It's such a subtle way of injecting some personality to my everyday looks. They also make for great conversation starters!

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