3 Jun 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #200

ONE // Anniversary
On Wednesday it was our 14th/4th wedding anniversary (14 years together and 4 married!) We always like to mark the occasion, and a fancy dinner out is often in the cards. We haven't properly gone to a restaurant dinner in a few years (although we did do the 5-course drive-thru experience twice). This year, we went to Carben and opted for the chef's tasting menu. In my opinion, that's the only way to go in a high-end restaurant if you want the best possible dining experience. Foodies know what I'm talking about. I've never regretted this decision in the past and this time was no different, the food was outstanding! Each dish was as artfully plated as the next and packed a symphony of flavours and textures. I truly enjoyed and savoured every single bite. I live for this type of dining experience!

TWO // Platinum Jubilee
Speaking of celebrations, I couldn't let this week go by without mentioning Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. The weekend of festivities kicked off with Trooping the Colour yesterday and we were treated to sights of the Cambridge children in a carriage during the procession and to many expressive faces on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Royal watching has been busy this year so far with many appearances and tours in the run-up to the celebrations marking the Queen's 70 years on the throne. We still have plenty to look forward to this weekend with the Service of Thanksgiving today, the Derby at Epsom Downs and the Platinum Party at the Palace tomorrow, and the Big Jubilee Lunch and the Platinum Jubilee Pageant closing up the festivities on Sunday. This is a historical first as Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch in history to hit the milestone. She has really devoted her entire life to one of service to her country and that in itself is an admirable feat and worth celebrating!

THREE // Nap Dress Summer
This is it, the biggest Nap Dress drop of the year: Nap Dress Summer. And it's a good one! This is the biggest drop I have seen yet and it is chock full of new prints, styles and fabrics. While there is one standout print to me (the blue mosaic tile print), it's hard to narrow it down to just one. I'm also loving the lilac stripe, the midnight garden and the blue roses. While I also love the look of the tulle and lace collector's edition dresses, I can't see myself wearing them enough to justify the price... But, if I had a specific occasion in mind, I'd probably snag either the Lilac or Powder Blue tulle. For now, I'll stick with the Blue Tile Ellie and wait a bit to see if another style speaks to me. Happiest Nap Dress Summer to all!

FOUR // Bedroom Update
During the last few years at home, we got around to finishing up certain areas of the house we had not quite gotten to since moving back home post fire. We were focusing on the needs more than the wants, but are finally in a place where we can focus on finishing up in certain spaces. One of the areas we had not quite finished to our liking was the bedroom. We'd gotten it to a place where it was functional and it's been that way for years! Our new mattress was delivered and it was finally time to tackle that project. We could have just plopped the new mattress on the bed and called it a day, but I had bigger plans. I wanted to strip the bed and get all the linens in the wash first thing in the morning. We got new sheets and a duvet with the mattress, but I had already washed those the week before. I still wanted to wash the mattress cover and duvet cover to have a completely clean bed. Once the laundry was going, and the old mattress removed from the base, I wanted to move all the furniture and do a really deep clean (dust/wash the ceiling and walls, dust all the furniture, vacuum and mop the floors, etc.) Knowing that that would be the plan when we bought the mattress, we had also gone to buy an area rug, that we were waiting to put in place. Once the bed frame was out of the way, my husband suggested it would be the right time to reinforce it. We have a frame with build-in drawers (which are great for storage), but the slats kept moving and it was a bit flimsy. And, while we were at it, it would be the best time to add a headboard (which I'd wanted for ages!) So, mid cleaning frenzy, we went shopping for a headboard and the necessary bits to secure the bed. We lucked out at Homesense and got a headboard and matching bench set. Perfect! After hours of cleaning, working, rearranging and bed-making, we had but our bedroom back together! I absolutely love the new luxurious, more adult look. To me, there was only one right way to get this project done and it was the long way, ha ha! All of that for a new mattress...

FIVE // Still Game
I was looking at my Netflix list and finally decided to check out Still Game. Boy is this show funny! I absolutely love it! What attracted me to it was its slight nostalgic Coronation Street feel. Turns out it's not at all like it, but the characters are as endearing. The show follows two retired best friends (Jack and Victor) in a fictional suburb of Glasgow during the late 90s early aughts. These two get up to all sorts of shenanigans and really keep the viewer on their toes. The ensemble cast is filled with over-the-top characters that contribute to the drama. I admit to having to put on the subtitles because I was missing some bits here and there. But, after a few episodes your ear gets used to the accents. It's just such a feel-good show with heartwarming moments mixed in with some classic comedy slapstick and gags. The best part is that there are 9 seasons, so it'll last me a little while!

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