24 Jun 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #203

ONE // Straw Hat Storage
I've slowly but surely been going through our home and tackling storage and organization one little area at a time. The most recent mission I gave myself was to find a storage solution for my many straw hats. I always prefer to store my hats in either hat boxes or other closed storage solutions to keep them protected from light and dust. It also helps a lot in maintaining their shapes. That being said, many of my straw hats have wide brims, which makes it challenging to find a hat box big enough to accommodate them lying flat. Up until now, I'd been storing them stacked one on top of the other, from widest to narrowest brim, in a cardboard box. I don't recall where I got a box big enough, but I somehow acquired one along the way. This box was actually quite huge, measuring 20 x 20 inches. I was therefore looking for something more eye appealing in those dimensions. I finally came across this huge rope storage basket with lid on Amazon. Other than arriving folded, it's perfect! I steamed the basket a lot to try and get its shape back and it's pretty much back to normal. The hats fit perfectly and I've even got a bit of vertical room to spare, ha ha! I'm quite pleased that I now have a storage solution for my straw hats that is nice to look at.

TWO // Real Housewives of Dubai
It's been a while since I've picked up on a new Housewives series. But I just had to give Dubai a go! Mostly because Caroline Stanbury is part of the cast. Were it not for her, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. She was part of Ladies of London, which was by far my favourite iteration of the Housewives franchise. It's good to have her back on our screens, but in a different setting with different dynamics. Real Housewives of Dubai is all about glitz, glamour and over-the-top lifestyles. The cast is very diverse and each lady brings her own flavour and personality to the table. This show is a real melting pot of cultures and traditions. I'm enjoying the season so far, but I'm still warming up to the cast and getting to know the ladies. I'm familiar with Caroline, so I naturally gravitate towards her, but am open to seeing how the storylines develop.

THREE // Pretzel Picnic in the Park
We had plans to meet up with a cousin for a picnic in the park last weekend. When getting supplies the day before, my husband mentioned that fresh-baked pretzels would be nice. Having not found any at the grocery store, I told him I'd make some that evening. My mom had taught me how to make pretzels a few years ago and my sister-in-law recently sent me the recipe I had misplaced. So, the timing was right! I got to work and made my first batch. They turned out really great and the texture was perfect: slightly crunchy outside with a soft, chewy inside and light salty taste. They were the perfect thing to pack in a picnic and went down a treat! I have a feeling I'll be getting special requests for more...

FOUR // June Ipsy
It's new-product time of the month! I have to say, this was one of my most complete bags in a long time. What I mean by that is that I got such a good variety of products that I could test them all out in one fell swoop. I got a cleanser (and a cleanser brush), a serum, a moisturizer, an eye shadow palette, a mascara and a lipstick. The only thing I didn't test out yet (but can't wait to) is the mask applicator brush. I am in love with the colour palette of the eye-shadow quad and lipstick, although I think they'll be better suited for the fall. The mascara is great, very light, easy to apply and really separates lashes for a very natural, yet defined, look. The cleanser is great, but I'm not sure how much I'd use the cleansing brush. It seems a bit high maintenance to have to wash and let it dry every day. I think I'll stick with my silicone cleansing pad for daily use. I liked the smell and the feel of the serum, but found the moisturizer a bit thick. Perhaps it'll be better for dryer seasons. Oh, and I got the purple pouch! Very happy about that. It was one of three colours, the other two being yellow or pink. As always, I'm very pleased with this month's selection.

FIVE // Violet Manicure
Anyone else riffle through their nail polish stash only to be inspired by a colour they haven't worn in a long time? I was looking for a fun, summery hue for my manicure this week and was very happy to come across this beautiful lilac shade (from my April 2019 Ipsy glam bag). I recently got a dress in this exact colour, so was pleased to rediscover this polish in my collection, and promptly selected it! I painted it on my short nails and love, love, love the subtle (but still very noticeable) colour and the way it looks against my more tanned skin. In fact, I love the way it looks so much I've already decided that this will be my next pedicure colour! I've always enjoyed wearing nail polish and find the ritual soothing and comforting. My mom was always a big nail-polish wearer, so I undoubtedly get it from her.

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