10 Jun 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #201

ONE // Bee Happy
I knew there was an upside to cleaning my windows, ha ha! I actually didn't set out cleaning them in order to find a home for my new Bee suncatcher, but it was a stroke of genius when I thought of placing it, after the cleaning was all said and done. Truth be told, I started the deep clean of our bedroom last weekend, when we fixed the bed, installed the headboard and replaced the mattress. But that day had turned into a much bigger project than anticipated so I only got around to finishing the deep clean of our bedroom and en suite this weekend. When I was sitting down for a quick break after scrubbing all day, the thought came to me that it would be the perfect time to finally stick my suncatcher in the window. I figured the bedroom gets the morning sun, so it would be an ideal spot for my little bee. Not only does our kitchen/living room get flooded with afternoon rainbows, now our bedroom gets them in the mornings. I'm all about that rainbow life;
 all day, every day! Who wouldn't want to start off the day with rainbows?

TWO // Drive-In Season
We wanted to do the classic dinner/movie date for our anniversary last week, but opted to spread it out over two days. So, we had a very nice dinner out on the day of and opted to go to the drive-in on the weekend. This way, we could bring the dog with us instead of leaving her alone for half the night. In theory it sounded like a good idea... Unfortunately, we got there very early and there were many other dogs around. Toutou, being the active and vocal dog she is, was barking at every dog who walked by our car... She just didn't get the whole sitting-in-the-car-and not-doing-anything bit. After some technical difficulties, the movie finally started and she settled down. Maybe we'll try a different strategy next time (if we try this again); we need to keep her busy! Seeing as the first movie (Top Gun Maverick) started later than anticipated (it was touch and go for a bit), we didn't stay for the second one (The Lost City) as it was already past midnight. Truth be told, I was more looking forward to the second one, but we'll have to watch it as some other point!

THREE //Bucket Handle
During my baking phase of the pandemic, we decided it was more practical and economical to purchase a big bag of flour. Being only two, we hadn't used that much flower before, but when you start baking you realize just how quickly you go through it. Now that we had this insane amount of flour, we needed to find a storage solution to keep it dry, out of the way and safe from critters. Growing up, my mom always stored her flower in a big plastic bucket and I thought that would be the best way to go. So, we decided to get one of the famous orange Home Depot buckets. It's just the right size and seals extremely well. Almost too well, even... I struggle a lot when the time comes to open this little bugger. So much so that I would avoid sealing it completely at times. My husband kept talking of this elusive handle tool that would make the bucket opening process easier. Well, we've searched high and low for this little gizmo and I finally decided to turn to Amazon. Low and behold, it does exist! I ordered a four-pack (because I don't want to lose it or break it - I need back-ups) and this tool makes opening the bucket a breeze! No more breaking nails, swearing and grunting when I need to fill up my pantry flower bucket, ha ha! It's the little things that bring me joy. But, like, Home Depot should really consider selling these in store...

FOUR // Ring Spa Day
What is a ring spa day you ask? Well, it's when you bring your professional goldsmith to the jewellers for the ultimate cleaning and polishing! It's like dropping your rings off at the spa! This is also an opportunity to have your gemstones settings checked to make sure they are still secure, and potentially updating your appraisal for up-to-date insurance purposes. This is a service that my specific jeweller offers, but I'm sure many others offer similar services. La Maison d'Or is where my husband bought my engagement ring and where we subsequently had our wedding bands custom made. I am still very much in love with my engagement ring and wedding bands which is actually a ring jacket. I love symmetry and wanted wedding bands that echoed the simple curved detail of my ring. My engagement ring sits right into the ring jacket, securing it in place and making sure all rings remain in perfect alignment. With our anniversary coming up, it got me thinking that it was time to bring my rings in to have them checked and cleaned. That's actually a great way of remembering to do it. Just get it done around your anniversary so that your rings are all sparkly for the event! It always feels like a new ring when I get it pampered! 

FIVE // Royal Tea With Jam
After the high that was the Platinum Jubilee last weekend, I wanted to share the Instagram account that was the most amazing to follow. Sharron, from Royal Tea With Jam (a fellow Canadian royal watcher) made the trip across the pond to take in the festivities in person. I've been following this account for years and really appreciate her take on royal watching. She'd been preparing for this trip for a long time and it has been great to finally see her enjoy herself in London! While the Jubilee is over, Sharon is still there for the week, exploring all the royal-related spots with her friend and daughter. You can always rewatch her lives from the Jubilee weekend on her saved posts and Stories. It was also really cool to see her connect with fellow royal watchers from all over who've been following her as well. It's such a small world! Other great royal watching accounts that I love are theroyalwatcher, theroyalfiles, royallykristinc and bychristineross, just to name a few!

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