9 Jun 2022

Springtime Check

The more I wear my red tartan dress during the warmer seasons, the easier I find it to disassociate the print from being a solely festive one. The red and green in this particular plaid make it very much a good option for the festive season but, I've discovered that by pushing myself to think outside the festive box, I am able to style it in a more summery way. This allows me to wear the dress all year round as opposed to it being pigeonholed into festive wear only. 

This versatility is not only more ethical, it's also more practical, while maximizing the cost-per-wear of the garment. The upfront cost of this Nap Dress might be a bit on the pricier side, but the more you wear the garment, the lower the cost-per-wear. Basically, you get more bang for your buck by wearing a piece of clothing often and hanging onto it for a long time. By buying a quality product from the get-go, the higher its longevity potential. All in all, it makes sense to invest in better quality pieces that are versatile and will stand the test of time. For me, a red plaid dress will undoubtedly be a closet staple for a long time. Therefore, finding more ways to wear it just justifies what a good purchase it was.

Dress: Hill House (similar) | Jacket: Banana Republic (similar) | Pins: Nutmeg and Arlo (cherries) | Scrunchie: Dynamite (similar) | Earrings: H&M (similar) | Espadrille Sneakers: H&M 

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