26 Aug 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #212

ONE // Grace & Grandeur Fall Collection
I'm not sure how I forgot to talk about this last week because I am absolutely obsessed with Grace & Grandeur's new fall bow collection. I mean, I want every. single. bow. Yes, I'm a tad over the top about my bows, but add in the fact that I am also a bit obsessed with fall and you get the perfect storm. This was the first time I stalked the Instagram account for all the sneak peeks and actually marked my calendar for the launch day and time. I had a very hard time narrowing down my selection, but managed to get two velvet bows (coffee and copper), a fabric bow (autumn plaid) and a headband (houndstooth). If, like me, you are a fall-loving, bow-wearing kind of gal, this collection is for you! I cannot wait to receive my bows and for fall to hurry up so I can wear them!

TWO // First Fallen Leaf
If you haven't picked up on my excitement for fall, then let this be your first clue. I was thrilled when I spotted this fully orange leaf on the ground while camping a couple weeks ago. It instantly made me smile and gave me all the hope that autumn is well and truly on its way. Even though we might not be noticing them, the signs are clearly there. Mother Nature is slowly, but surely prepping for a new season. Anytime now, I'm so ready!

THREE // Black Workout Skort
I mentioned in a previous post how much I love my white workout skort from Old Navy. Well, I think I love the black one even more! Not only is it super comfortable to wear and workout in, but I find the black one to be more versatile. Unfortunately, the white one gets dirty very easily... I wore the black one on our first day of camping and it made setting up camp so easy. I then wore it over a black one-piece swimsuit for a beach day and let me tell you, it was so cute! Even my husband noticed the combination and complimented my outfit - while camping! I mean, doubling as a swim cover-up opens up an entirely new way of wearing this piece, making it even more versatile, if that is even possible.

FOUR // August Ipsy
Well, I got the actual glam bag of the month this time around, so that's a win in my book! I'm actually loving this bag as not only is the print perfectly summery, but the material has a satiny finish, which gives it a touch of glam. First up, I am really loving the silky pillowcase. I've got a few others and this one is my new favourite because the zipper is a game changer! Also, it's a set of two that comes in the most precious little pouch - definitely my most-loved product this month! I also got a Tatcha cleanser because I love this brand and every one of their products has been great. The eye cream is nice even though it's on the thick side. The mascara is okay, but I prefer a more volumizing formula and the lip gloss is quite nice and not sticky, a perfect neutral shade to top any colour lipstick. I have yet to try the leave-in conditioner but have loved other products from Briogio. Finally, the serum. It's a great texture, smells nice and works well. My biggest issue with this product is the packaging. The serum is simply too thick to pick up with the dropper. I literally can't get the product out of the bottle...

FIVE // Tomatillo Salsa
It's tomato season and that can only mean one thing in this household: tomatillo salsa! My husband likes to stop by this local organic farm to pick up all the fresh vegetables, especially tomatillos. We stopped last weekend and got loads of the green tomatoes, some onions, garlic and hot peppers. Chopped it all up and made a big batch of the spicy stuff. We normally eat it super fresh, but my husband wanted to try and cook it down this year. Boy does that change the texture and flavour, in a good way! Both ways are delicious, but the cooked version tasted and looked more like the store-bought variety. I seriously cannot stop eating it. Just hand me the tortilla chips!

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