19 Aug 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #211

ONE // Camping
We took a few days off to go camping at Driftwood Provincial Park last week. We had booked our site back in March, but managed to get one right on the beach! It was just the two of us (plus the dog) and was meant to be a relaxing time. The park was very busy the first few days, so there were some distractions, but everything calmed down for the last days so we did end up relaxing and having a great time. We did some boating/my husband did some fishing, we did a lot of reading and squishing beach sand between our toes. The dog loved being outside and made the most of the river and beach sand... Needless to say, she was in dire need of a bath when we got home, ha ha! We hadn't gone camping since the summer of 2020, and not gone to Driftwood since 2015, so it had been a minute. It was great being back and we were reminded of why we love this particular park so much. This was it our big summer vacation plans for this year, but it was just what we needed.

TWO // Hill House Gingham
I've been hoping that the Emerald Gingham print would come back one day and the day has come! This is an older print from 2019, so I was not super hopeful Hill House would be bringing it back, but enough people have asked, so they did! While the entire re-edition gingham collection is darling, I already have light pink and light blue gingham dresses in my wardrobe, so was only really interested in the emerald colourway. I love this particular one because the colour makes it wearable all year round. Think with cognac and cream for fall and then red and and matching emerald for the holiday season. I'm most excited to style it for fall and Christmas, but will definitely wear it all the time.

THREE // Bananagrams
Being a word nerd, this game has been on my list for a long time. When my husband came up with the brilliant idea of getting two-player board games for camping, I knew Bananagrams had to be part of the bunch. We got a few other games, but actually only ended up playing this game once. As much as I loved the concept, and its Scrabble similarity, it can be a very long game when playing with only two players... I mean, my husband and I were super focused for a solid half hour just competitively working on our grids. It's a good game, but definitely more of a quiet, almost independent one. I'd love to try playing with at least three or four players to get through the pile of tiles a bit quicker and actually finish a game.

FOUR // Pumpkin Spice Creamer
Now that our little summer vacation has come and gone, I am switching into fall mode. Summer was great, I enjoyed it, but I am ready to move on! One of the first things I do to change gears this time of year is to start drinking Pumpkin Spice coffees. It's by far my favourite latte and coffee flavour, so I stretch it out and make it last. Besides, it's the most harmless (and seemingly not obvious) autumnal thing I do. To the outsider, I'm just drinking coffee, but the taste of fall just tickles my senses. It doesn't hurt anyone that I drink Pumpkin Spice creamer in August. It makes me happy, so I'm doing me. Find the small joys in your day-to-day life!

FIVE // Wednesday
It's been a while since I've looked forward to a new series on Netflix, but I am very much looking forward to Wednesday! It's a spin on Wednesday Addams, from the Addams Family and is being imagined by Tim Burton (THE authority on spooky content). Take a classic Halloween character and let Tim Burton run with it. I mean, it can't not be good, right? The teaser is also giving me slight Harry Potter vibes with it being in a supernatural school setting. We are still waiting on a release date, but I'm sure it'll be this fall sometime. Putting this on my to-watch list ASAP!

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