18 Aug 2022

Painting the Town Beige

Keeping things simple with a monochromatic beige ensemble for today. I've been noticing signs of the season changing for a couple weeks now. The changes are subtle, but they are well and truly present to those who are observant enough to notice them. I know people feel strongly about summer, but it won't last any longer just because you will it to. Nature will take its course and you can either embrace it or fight it. I choose to go with the seasons because I know nature will always win. I've enjoyed my summer but am more than ready to welcome fall with open arms. The days are getting shorter, the breeze is cooling down, the geese have started migrating and the leaves have started changing. There is just that sense of fall in the air and I'm ready to transition to a warmer colour palette, cozy textures and layering. I'm thinking I can style this particular dress well into autumn by adding in some warm cognac and spicy red colours. Soon enough, I'll be storing my straw accessories and making way to the cozy scarves.  

Dress: Old Navy | Earrings: Asos (similar) | Hair Bow: Grace and Grandeur | Bracelet: Pandora (similar) | Bag: Gap (similar) | Sandals: Old Navy (similar)

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