12 Aug 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #210

ONE // Flip Flop
Flip flops looking a little tired by this point in the season? Now's the time to scoop up a fresh pair on clearance and be ready for next year! I have a few pairs of these Old Navy capri sandals and really like them. I find they are a little more elevated and dressy than regular rubber flip flops and I tend to wear them a lot when we vacation. While I have a few pairs, I was lacking a pair of simple white ones so I remedied that this year. I'd say the sole is a little different than my other pairs as it's a bit thicker and more square. It's still a great, comfortable summer flip flop.

TWO // Blood of My Blood
Oh goody, we are getting an Outlander prequel! I am delighted by this news and am most certainly looking forward to more Outlander content. Bring on the story of Jamie's parents and bring us back to the Scottish highlands. As much as I'm loving reading the original series (and getting through it at a decent pace), I'm happy I'll have something to look forward to when I'm all caught up. It has also been revealed that filming for the seventh season of the show has begun and we also know there will be an eighth. With the release of the ninth book last fall (and a potential tenth book to conclude the series), I really hope the current show continues until the end of the story. Diana Gabaldon (the author) will be a consulting producer on the new show Blood of My Blood. She is also in the midst of writing a book on the love story of Jamie's parents. Perhaps we'll get a few spoilers... 

THREE // Floral Sarong
I can't resist a versatile swim cover up... I snagged this one on sale at H&M and love the bright floral print. Printed sarongs are a great way of dressing up a solid-coloured swimsuit. It's so easy and effortless. I have a mix of printed and solid swimsuits as well as a mix of printed and solid cover-up options. What I tend to do is pair a solid with a print. So, if I'm wearing a printed swimsuit, I'll pair it with a solid cover-up and vice versa. Printed cover-ups are a great way of adding flair and interest to a beach or pool look. I suppose you could also do some print-mixing if you are feeling adventurous. This new bright floral option will pair so well with my yellow, orange, pink and lilac swimsuits! Oh, I almost forgot to mention how versatile sarongs are! They can be worn and tied so many different ways it makes them great options to pack for a vacation!

FOUR // Cookie Monster Cookies
Last week it was puff pastry s'mores, this week it's blue Cookie Monster cookies, ha ha! I'm on a bit of a "see it", "bake it" phase right now and I'm okay with that! Honestly, with fall just around the corner, I'm more drawn to baking yummy treats and can feel myself starting to cocoon again. I was drawn by this particular cookie recipe because it was blue. Doesn't take much, does it? I love a good chocolate chip cookie and was loving the fun take on it. I did modify it a bit to better fit my tastes and what ingredients I could find. All I was missing were oreo cookie crumbs and white chocolate chips. I found neither at the store, so settled on getting regular oreos. I knew I didn't want to stuff my cookies with other cookies, so just made double the amount. I simply omitted the white chocolate chips and oreo crumbs in my batter, but added in some chopped up oreo cookies. Also, I just used the cheap food colouring instead of gel colouring, so my batter looks a bit greener than the bright Cookie Monster blue. Even though they don't quite look the part, they are actually delicious. Next time I will add in white chocolate chips because I think they would be even better!

FIVE // Grace & Grandeur Fall
I know I talk about my Grace & Grandeur bows a lot, but they really are the best velvet bow barrettes I have ever had! She also branches out and creates fabric bows and headbands too. I have one of her headbands and it's as fabulous and comfortable to wear as others I purchased from known retailers. The shop has been teasing its fall release and I just might have to get a plaid bow (or two!) I cannot resist warm fall colours, yet alone plaid, so this collection might be my undoing... And yes, my fall vibes are in full swing and I am preparing as of now. Fall things are in stores now and if you snooze, you lose because the good stuff sells fast. Word to the wise, if you are a fall lover like me, now is the time to get your fall stuff. The new Grace & Grandeur fall collection launches Tuesday, August 16, so mark your calendars!

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