4 Nov 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #222

ONE // Orchid Blooms
After almost three years, by orchid is finally in bloom again! It has been a long wait, but when I noticed a new stem starting a few weeks ago, and that stem split into two stems, I'd been anxiously awaiting it to bloom. The stems are shorter than I expected, but that might be due to the fact the one stem split into two, making them shorter. So my blooms aren't as high as they normally would be and are hanging out more to the side of the plant. I don't mind because I'm just so thrilled it's blooming again and the flowers are even prettier than I remember! Seeing my plant flower brings me so much joy!

TWO // Bench Scraper
I got this kitchen tool a few months ago and thought I'd share it here. With my newfound interested in all things baked goods, this tool has come in handy for cutting balls of dough and scraping bits of dough of my cutting board or rolling mat. I suspect it will be coming in very handy once Christmas baking comes around! Using cookie cutters is fun, but getting the shapes to the baking sheet intact can be challenging. Hopefully, this little gadget will help keep my cookies in tip-top shape!

THREE // Buffalo Plaid Sweater
While I got this sweater for Christmas a few years ago now, I'm always happy to pull it out come this time of year! The classic Buffalo check in red and black just hits all the right notes. Now that my puppy has a cute matching sweater, it made me think it was time to pull my own out of the closet. Yes, I'm now at the point of wearing matching sweaters with my dog. It's okay, I'm okay. 

FOUR // Double Puzzle
I did a fall foliage puzzle two weeks ago and enjoyed it so much I decided to do the second puzzle of the two-pack. I started this one late on Sunday afternoon and it took me all week! I chipped away at it a few hours every evening, but the darker pieces were hard to tell apart in the dim light so that made it extra challenging. Funnily enough, the big red barn was the easiest part. I just love puzzling so much! I had some Harry Potter movies playing in the background and it was the best way to spend my evenings. 

FIVE // Poppy Brooch
It's poppy time so I dug out my cute poppy brooch! I upgraded my poppy game a few years ago and just love the slightly more elevated way of donning my poppy. Also, being a brooch means that it actually fastens very securely, so no fear of losing my poppy throughout the day. Mine is a few years old, but the Royal Canadian Legion has an assortment of poppy jewelry for sale here, so you can get your very own poppy brooch! I like the idea of the more permanent poppy by having it in a piece of jewelry. I'm even considering getting another one just for a bit of variety, or to wear them stacked like the royals do!

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