25 Nov 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #225

ONE // Holiday Scents
I just had to get a few holiday bits and bobs from Bath & Body Works... I was good though and only got things I needed. I got one festive bodywash (Winter Candy Apple) and a pine-scented candle (Iced Winter Balsam) to get that Christmas tree scent in the house even though we don't have a real tree. This was my favourite pine scented candle from this year's offerings. It's not too strong, but still fills a room. I find a seasonal candle can really round up your décor and immerse you in the holiday spirit. 

TWO // Gold Purse
Over the last few years, I've developed a taste for cute, small seasonal purses. I've always been the girl who lugs around a massive purse/tote that contains everything I could possibly need. While that was great for my university days, and also works for going into the office. I like to downsize a lot if I'm going out. I'm able to edit the contents of my bag to just the necessities, which is an exercise in restraint. But, after flexing that muscle, I'm able to achieve just that. I try to practise the same principle when packing a suitcase for a trip, but that's on another level entirely. I also like that most of my tiny purses have cross-body straps, which makes them easy to carry hand-free. Also, they tend to be very light, so don't weigh me down. All that to say that, after searching high and low for the perfect tiny gold purse, I got this one in the after-Christmas sales last year. I'd been patiently waiting to pair it with all of my festive looks this holiday season. Isn't it just darling?

THREE // Velvet Burgundy Flats
I'd been wanting burgundy velvet flats for years now and finally got some! I like wearing flats with my festive outfits for house parties and festivities as they are more comfortable than heels and dressier than slippers. They are that perfect in between! I'm also a sucker for velvet this time of year because I find the texture gives an extra touch of cozy to my looks and the deep burgundy hue is perfection and, dare I say, a bit more elevated than bright Christmas red... Don't get me wrong, I love red velvet too, but something about burgundy just hits differently. I'll be wearing these with my Tartan Nap dresses for sure this holiday season!

FOUR // Nougat
At my husband's request, I made some of my mom's famous nougat the other day. The hardest part of the recipe was finding sour jujubes. I could not find them anywhere, not even Bulk Barn! It was a head-scratcher for sure. We finally found some at Farm Boy, but the mix didn't have the purple ones... Anyways, I used what we had and now we have nougat for the foreseeable. This recipe makes a huge batch! One holiday treat down, countless more to go, ha ha!

FIVE // Princess Diaries 3
This year is bringing us all the nostalgic sequels! First was a Santa Clause series and now we are getting a third Princess Diaries movie! Like, shut up! This was one of my most favourite growing up. I've always loved Julie Andrews (hello Mary Poppins and Sound of Music), but Anne Hathaway became a quick favourite too. The prospect of these two getting back together to work on a third chapter of the Princess Diaries is pretty much a dream come true. I really hope this movie gets made. I mean, miracles happen once in a while!

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