18 Nov 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #224

ONE // Snow Day!
We got our first snowfall of the year on Wednesday and it instantly brings me joy! I'd been sick for the past week or so and was finally starting to feel better when I woke up to a snow-covered wonderland. It was just the boost I needed to perk me up. It gave me a jolt of energy and I got that warm fuzzy feeling I would get as a kid on the first snow day of the season. Another little critter from our household seemed more than happy to welcome the fluffy white stuff. Her lunchtime walk was definitely a highlight today, ha ha! I have to admit I wasn't expecting it just yet as the last couple weeks were unseasonably warm. But the snow arrived just in time to quell that dreary November slump after the time change. The white blanket of snow just brightens the entire landscape and gives off that soft blueish glow that is so characteristic of winter. I'm hopeful we'll be getting a white Christmas after all!

TWO // The Santa Clauses
The first two episodes of the new Santa Clauses series were released on Wednesday and you bet that I've watched them! I really enjoyed them and felt they were a great continuity from the original movies. I love that Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell reprised their roles, it just makes the whole transition much more seamless. The magic is still very much present and that warms my heart. So far, I'm liking the premise and all the nods to the movies. It's just so nice to get to dip back into the nostalgia of my childhood this Christmas season!

THREE // Advent Calendar
I've been getting the Boîte à bonbons advent calendar for the past two years and really liked it. So, when it went on pre-sale back in September, I bought it! My husband and I actually split the daily candy so we can both enjoy a delectable treat each day after our dinner. It's become a little festive tradition that we do just the two of us. These candies are seriously the freshest I have ever had and the flavours are so intense! I can't wait to crack open the first box on December 1st! Now's the time to get your advent calendars to get them in time for next month.

FOUR // Hair Tinsel
Tinsel season is upon us and what better way to show some holiday cheer than by wearing tinsel in your hair? I opted for a festive red this time around and am already loving the hints of sparkle that catch the light. I usually opt for a nice copper colour that blends in well with my hair colour, but stepped out of my comfort zone and got bold red! I figure it'll go perfectly with all the festive outfits I plan on wearing in the coming weeks. I say let your festive spirit shine brightly!

FIVE // Embroidered Hoop Decor
A few months ago, I decided to get some cute Christmas embroidered decor. I love my fall ones so much that I wanted to get some for all seasons. I started by adding two festive hoops and couldn't resist adding the little ghost to my fall faves too! I wanted to go the classic route with my Christmas options so chose one of my favourite lines from A Charlie Brown Christmas that just brings me back to my childhood and some classic green pine trees on a red background. I got them from Nutmeg Creation Hoops and she still has plenty of holiday hoop options on her Etsy shop. I absolutely love these seasonal hoops and just pop them on my fridge with powerful magnets! I can't wait to put up the Christmas ones soon.

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