26 Jul 2015

Dinner in a Romper

Rompers made a recent come-back and I couldn't be happier! One-piece outfits are the best, not to mention fuss-free to style. Rompers were my all-time favourite things to wear as a kid (and jelly shoes, of course). My mom used to make me the cutest one-piece outfits with really poufy pant legs (reminiscent of those worn by Princess Jasmine in Aladdin) and she could not get me out of them! Comfort at its best! They feel and look like a dress, but are way more functional (i.e. wind gust friendly). I absolutely fell head over heels for this blush pink bustier/skort combination romper. So cute, and forgiving. It also comes with removable straps for those days you don't want to fret over having to hike the top all the time. Although, this one is armed with a nice anti-slip grip. I paired it with a darker pink skinny belt and my trusty floral blazer, to keep the evening chills at bay. I threw on nude lace-up heels to elongate the leg as well as gorgeous chandelier earrings and I was all set for a nice birthday dinner celebration!

Romper: Dynamite Blazer: RW&CO | Belt: Jacob | Earrings: Zara | Sandals: Refresh

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