9 Jul 2015

TBT - Less is More

Have I mentioned my slight obsession with graphic T's? I cannot get enough of these quirky message boards. It's the perfect way of wearing your emotions on your sleeve (or on your chest in this case). I'm someone who usually has something to say so, by wearing my statement, it saves me a few breaths! This particular shirt repeatedly says "Less is more" and ends with "More please". I love the irony! Not only do graphic t-shirts help spread your sense of humor, but they are also great conversation starters! Going along with the message, I paired the shirt with a busy pant, a statement necklace, fancy booties and a leather jacket. I took the "More please" to heart!

T-shirt: Old Navy Pants: RW&CO | Necklace: eBay | Jacket: Danier | Booties: You by Crocs | Earrings: Roots

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