14 Aug 2016

Going the Distance

It's summer, it's hot, so why not dress like the muse of a Grecian god? My inspiration today was Meg, from Disney's Hercules. I've always admired her tough-girl attitude. She's a damsel, she's in distress, but she can handle it! I am also the furthest thing from a damsel in distress, I've always been able to look out for myself. Little miss independent through and through! I decided to layer two dresses today. Yes, I said two dresses. Why not? I couldn't decide I which shade of purple to wear, so I wore both. I added some Grecian-inspired accessories (i.e.: gladiator sandals, gold cuff/belt and a gold laurel headband). I feel like I nailed the look, at the risk of looking a bit costume-y. Hey, if you're going to dress up, might as well go the distance!

Dresses: Old navy | Belt: Dynamite | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Bracelet: Dynamite | Headband: Zara | Sandals: Zara

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