17 Aug 2016

Stripes and Skinnies

Since I'm a firm believer in the Breton-striped top, I knew I needed one in my basic wardrobe rebuild. Lucky enough, I found one at Walmart. The fit isn't perfect, but I honestly can't afford to be picky right now. I felt like my old self wearing a striped top with skinny jeans. Today, we also sat by the water a bit for a change of scenery. I figured it was a good place for a nautical outfit picture! It was also the first rain following the fire, which was a full seven days later. I think it would be an understatement to say it's been a very dry summer. I remember the feeling of relief that swept over me when I heard the sweet sound of rain falling outside. I've never been so happy and excited for rain. It almost felt as if the downpour was washing away the remnants of the nightmare we had lived and was clearing the path for a fresh start.

Top: George (Walmart) | Jeans: Jordache (Walmart) | Earrings: Payless Shoe Source | Sandals: Birkenstock

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