16 Aug 2016

Back to Basics

Seeing as the only clothes on my back when I evacuated were my nighty and housecoat, one very generous and thoughtful neighbour lent me some clothes for the next day. I didn't even have shoes on. I left the house barefoot! I guess having an abundance of shoes made no difference whatsoever, I did not grab a single thing on my way out. I was extremely lucky a fireman had grabbed my purse and phone for me. I was later able to reach into the entrance of the house (the fire ravaged the back) to grab one pair of shoes. Luckily, those were my trusty Birkenstocks. I guess if I only had one pair of shoes for the time being, Birkenstocks is not a bad choice! So, it was back to square one in terms of clothing. I literally had the clothes on my back and that's it. One of the first stops was Walmart. We needed to get the bare essentials. For someone who has/had an abundance of clothes, I was at a loss on where to begin. I got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple camisoles and t-shirts to start. I also needed undergarments and toiletries. It's amazing to realize how little one actually needs to survive. That has never been more apparent to me. Today's look was a very basic outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. No matter whether your clothes are name brands or not, this is a winning combination!

Jeans: Jordache (Walmart) | T-shirt: George (Walmart) | Camisole: (borrowed) | Sandals: Birkenstock

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