11 Aug 2016

TBT - Red Crochet

I like looking back on old outfits, it's great to see the looks I put together. Sometimes I notice patterns or similarities, other times I see how my style has evolved. Today's look had been worn for Canada Day celebrations. Ok, I realize beige is not a colour of the Canadian flag, but I decided to veer off course a little bit. I feel the combination of the beige with the red softens the boldness of the shorts. Besides, I like to stand out a little bit in a crowd, while still looking like I fit in. Not an easy feat, but I feel I did alright! ;)

Shorts: Old Navy | Top: Dynamite | Belt: Smart Set | Earrings: Smart Set | Bracelet: Pandora | Purse: Dynamite | Sandals: Old Navy

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