8 Apr 2017

Happy Camper

Happy to be home, but feels like camping: so that makes me a Happy Camper! I'm currently really liking my graphic Ts. They are easy to wear and make getting dressed look effortless. I wore this look a couple weekends ago to, you guessed it, unpack and settle-in. Operation Nesting Phoenix is progressing slowly, but surely. It's a good mix of construction, unpacking and furniture shopping. There is plenty to keep me busy for sure! Seeing as this sweater was packed away during the winter, I decided to wear it! It is so comfy and has a nice weight to it. The eyelash detail is a cute touch that contributes to its cozy factor. My weekend uniform is my security blanket at this point. I know I can always look put together with a sweater, skinny jeans and a t-shirt.

Shirt: Sub_Urban Riot | Sweater: Cupcakes and Cashmere | Jeans: Zara

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