18 Apr 2017


I sure love a good graphic tee and could not pass this one up! I love this saying and, seeing as I am a francophone, totally appropriate! The saying is a common expression used to apologize for swearing. I like to think of it as something I say when I chose to speak French simply to annoy those who don't understand it. It's all done in good fun though, I only use my super-powers for good! However, I would like to touch on the fact that some people get overly offended by a saying on a graphic t-shirt. I think this is ridiculous. It's a shirt! It's not as if the shirt's sole purpose is to offend you. Graphic tees are meant to be light-hearted and funny. I tend to wear shirts that make me laugh and that are in line with my sense of humour. If you know me, you would totally understand the joke behind the shirt. Please, don't read into a shirt too much, it's not worth getting all worked up over. I wear graphic t-shirts because I see them as a way of expression, like all style is for that matter. After all, I don't take myself too seriously and can poke fun at myself too. I see it as me embracing this goofy saying and making it my own. I'm not afraid of it or of where it came from. By wearing it and embracing it, it losses all offensive power over me. I am proud of my heritage and am not afraid to show it, even if it means using something meant to offend me to do so.

P.S. I do realize some graphic t-shirts cross certain lines and are not even remotely funny. Chose your shirts wisely.

Jeans: Banana Republic | T-shirt: Old Navy | Jacket: BLANKNYC | Earrings: (old) | Shoes: Zara

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