5 Apr 2017

Texture Tango

I'm mixing suede and velvet today in a soft-texture duo! One of my all-time favourite colour combinations is purple and grey. There is something about this combo that just makes sense to me, I naturally gravitate towards it. I started by matching the colours of the individual pieces, just to realize I was also matching textures. The boots and jacket are grey suede while the pants are purple velvet. Although the textures might give you the urge to touch, the only ones allowed to actually get close enough to feel were my puppies. These textures are a great way of making an outfit appear warmer and inviting. Have you ever seen a velvet chair you didn't want to sit on?

Pants: Old Navy | Top: Mexx | Belt: Smart Set | Jacket: BLANKNYC | Earrings: Callura | Boots: Henri Pierre

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