27 Apr 2017

TBT - Black & Blush

This look is so elegant and lady-like, while still being trendy. Polka dots will never go out of style in my book, it is such a classic print. This blouse is fun because the dots are quite big and the sleeves are puffy. I paired it to my blush wool midi- skirt, a skirt that has a certain vintage feel to me. I added some black platform wedges and a metal-bar waist belt for a more du jour feel. As much as I could totally picture a very similar look worn in the 50s, this outfit is very much one that wears well in our day and time. You can hardly ever go wrong with a good blouse/skirt combination, it's winning for a reason!

Blouse: Jacob | Skirt: Zara | Belt: Jacob | Earrings: Callura | Bracelet: (gift) | Shoes: Tales

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