26 Feb 2019

Springtime Green?

Too early for this pop of springtime green? I'm sort of tiring of this long winter and am hoping to see lots of green soon. March is just around the corner and I'm getting my hopes up... In the meantime, I'll settle for wearing this ultra-green sweater as a way of tricking my mind into thinking spring is on the way. This is the perfect piece to wear now because it's a thick sweater (winter appropriate) and it's a cheerful shade of green (in anticipation for spring). I'll be sure to reach for this sweater anytime I need a boost to get through the rest of the cold and wet. I'm not quite ready to trade in the snow for slush, but I'll take it if it's a sign that the trees will soon be budding and the grass growing.

Sweater: BP. (similar) | Pants: Old Navy (similar) | Headband: Simons (similar) | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy (similar) | Boots: Bare Traps (similar)

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