24 Feb 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #39

ONE // Longchamp Bag
As much as I love fashionable things, I also love practical items. The beauty of the Longchamp Le Pliage bags is that they check all the boxes! I'll admit, I hoard these bags. My very first one was a special ordered customized purple medium tote with monogram. I was gifting myself (but I forget the reason why now...) Then, I started collecting the small bag with long handles. I have a red, beige and have recently added navy to that collection. I snagged it at the duty free shop at the airport during our recent trip. They are the best bags for packing because you don't have to worry about them losing their shape. They are also very sturdy, can hold a lot and, if they get dirty, you just wipe them clean. There really isn't anything not to love about these bags!

TWO // February Ipsy
I was so excited to get this month's smooch-covered pouch and was a bit bummer it didn't arrive before Valentine's Day, because it would have been the perfect finishing touch to a sartorial outfit! I'm very pleased with everything I got! It's the usuals: black liquid liner, mascara, gold eye shadow, moisturizer and lip stick. If anything, this subscription has made me realize what my go-to make up staples are! I love a good winged liner and red lip!

THREE // Frozen 2

Is anybody else super excited about the release of the Frozen 2 trailer??? Well, this Disney freak can't wait for the sequel! Once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan. I will totally be seeing this in theatre, even without borrowing anybody else's kids. I know for sure my sister (or bestie) will come with me! You two know who you are! The trailer doesn't give many hints as to what the plot will be, but it looks like Elsa might be trying to control her power threw her feet? And maybe something to do with thawing, or fall? Anyways, as long as Olaf is in the mix, I'll be happy!

FOUR // Vintage Plaid Skirt
I love it that I get my love of fashion from my mom. That means that she has an enviable wardrobe of her own that (for as long as I can remember) I have dreamed of raiding! I got lucky with shoes and accessories in the past, but it was always limited to borrowing, which was easier when we lived in the same house. She used to tell me that whenever the time came for her to part with her things that I'd get first dibs. I've been eyeing some of her hand-made pieces and have been dropping hints along the way. Lucky for me, the other day she gave me this vintage plaid pleated midi skit! This piece is everything I love wrapped in one! I am swooning over the burgundy and evergreen combo and cannot wait till next fall to wear it! It's a piece she didn't want to just donate or get rid of because she loved it so much. I consider myself very lucky and privileged to have inherited it! There is something so unique in wearing your mom's previously loved pieces! Keep 'em coming mom!

FIVE // Lush Bath Bombs
Ever since I got back from vacation, my skin has been so dry! It's crazy what a difference the temperature can make. I also got a cold while vacationing, so I've been coughing and sniffling all week. All I want to do is take a nice, soothing bath to try and keep warm and rehydrate this poor skin of mine. In order to do this, I swung by Lush and stocked up on bath bombs! These things make taking a bath that much more pampering. Seeing as I was stuffed up, I had a hard time smelling them at the store, so I just stuck to some favourites: Sakura, Twilight and Yellow Submarine!

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