17 Feb 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #38

ONE // Straw Beach Tote
I'm just coming back from my mini-moon today and thought I'd feature bits and bobs I brought with me in an attempt to bring warm thoughts to everyone reading!

Last summer (or maybe even the one before that) I developed a strong liking for straw bags. With spring just around the corner, I can only predict that my collection will grow a bit more in the coming months and I'm anticipating all the new straw bag designs. In the meantime, I cracked for this straw beach tote with striped handles in a recent Zara sale. I had been eyeing it and bit the bullet when I saw it at a discount! I have been totting it around with my on vacation the past week and it has been the perfect beach accessory!

TWO // Striped Headband
Speaking of stripes... My newly started headband collection is growing as well. I added these cute blue and striped ones to the mix and predict I will be wearing them plenty as the temperature rises. Pastels are always big for spring and I will be happy to have these once I start wearing all the springtime colours! I brought the striped one on vacation and will be sharing a look on how I styled it in the coming days. Keep an eye out!

THREE // Sarong
You can't go on a tropical beach vacation without a sarong or two! I snagged this sailboat one from Forever 21 recently and it is so cute. I'm always a sucker for anything that is in line with the nautical style, so this sarong was made for me! I also love a clean and simple white and blue palette on vacation. There is something so soothing about it! Sarongs are also great to use as blankets for a nap by the pool or when the sun hides behind the clouds. Basically, they are a multi-function item that always comes with me on vacation!

FOUR // Fun Sunnies
Another vacay indispensable: the cute sunglasses! Ok, I got this pair in December on one of our wedding planning trips. I had forgotten mine at home and the sun was strong that day so when we stopped at a rest station, I picked up these cuties! I'm a fan of statement and oversized sunglasses, so these ones fit the bill. The selection was not very vast, but I managed to find something I liked. My husband says they're like a mash-up of Ono (the cat eye shape) and Lennon (the round lenses)! That totally made me laugh, because now that's all I think of when I see them! They are for sure unique and I figured they would be great to bring to a sunny destination. The upside is that they are super inexpensive so I'm not worried about losing or breaking them. I'm all about smart packing!

FIVE // Raffia Flats
The straw/raffia love lives on in my choice of footwear now. I fell head over heels for these little beauties a while back, but snagged them during the recent Zara sale! They are as comfortable as they are cute and make the perfect vacation shoes as they go with everything! Never underestimate the power of a neutral shoe. They can be super casual or dressed up. It all depends what you wear them with! Be on the lookout in this week's posts because you'll be sure to spot them worn different ways!

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