10 Feb 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #37

ONE // Pink Heart Dress
Valentine's Day is this week and, because I'm a fan of sartorial dressing, I couldn't pass up this precious pink and red heart dress! It is 100% love-worthy and perfect for the holiday. Just load on the pink and red accessories for a full-on lovely look! Or, tone it down a bit with a jean jacket and espadrilles for a sweet Easter look in a few months' time. It will totally work for springtime outfits so you can get more wear out of this little number!

TWO // Polka Dot Hair Tie Scarf
Seeing as I'm on a hair-accessory kick, I figured I'd give the scrunchie scarf a try. This one is black and white polka dots, so I'm sure I'll find plenty of ways to wear it! Lucky for me, I will be heading somewhere warm, so I'll get to try it soon enough! I like wearing scarves in my hair and this little invention will hopefully achieve the look with a bit less effort. I'm always worried my scarf will fall out, so this thing should solve that issue. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

THREE // Queen of Tarts Tea
When I was doing my birthday-freebie round the other day, I ended up with a 50g of free tea from David's tea. This was not a birthday gift, but I had enough points to get some free tea. I chose Queen of Tarts. This flavour had been on my to-try list for a while and I'm happy I finally got some! It's a tart, fruity, light and flavourful, just how I like them! Its red colour would make it a great tea to serve for a Valentine's Day tea party (now there's a great idea!) It's very good warm, but I can't wait to try it cold. I bet it will be great as an iced tea in the summer.

FOUR // Puppy Hoodie
I'm not one for dressing up our dogs, but they do each have a sweater of sorts for those very limited outdoor outings in the winter. I think this one was from Marshalls, so I can't remember the brand... They don't mind wearing sweaters as long as they don't lose any range of movement, plus they look adorbs! This little grey hoodie was the perfect sweater for our shorkie who loves to move and run. She's a bit rambunctious so we thought the hoodie was very fitting! She barely stands still for a second, so getting this shot of her was nothing short of miraculous!

FIVE // Black Velvet Bow Hair Tie
I have been swooning over the J. Crew velvet hair tie ever since the fall ordered it during a sale at some point. Then, I got an email saying it was out of stock. Was I ever bummed. I've been searching for a similar one ever since and came across this beauty at Forever 21 the other day! It's a bigger bow, but totally the same vibe and at a fraction of the cost! Win-win!

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