22 Feb 2019

Wedding Diaries - Mini Moon

I figured I'd take the time to share a little post-wedding update with you today. Last week (as many can tell based on my recent posts), my husband and I escaped to the Dominican Republic for a minimoon. We've been referring to this trip as our minimoon because it's the not main one. We are planning something more elaborate that will take place this summer, but we still wanted to escape the cold for a bit or R&R.

We've been doing all-inclusive vacations for the past eight years or so and it's become a bit of a tradition. The winters here can be long and brutal, so a week of sunshine always does us a world of good, especially after the madness that is wedding planning! We definitely earned our break this year and it was just what the doctor ordered!

We typically opt for smaller, more intimate resorts, but had a tighter budget this year because of the main honeymoon. We ended up going to a big resort (the biggest we'd ever been to) and it was different to what we were accustomed to. I guess we've become a tad picky over the years and have high expectations. We definitely had to adjust our expectations a bit, but managed to have a great time and, most importantly, enjoyed the quality couple time! It's crazy how spending the entire week with one another can really bring you closer. It's good to reconnect.

Being used to à la carte restaurants for all meals, buffet dining was an adjustment for us. Not the biggest deal, but we sure do like to be waited on! That's one of the things we really enjoy about all-inclusives. The real surprise came in the evenings when we'd go to the specialty restaurants for dinner. We like to dine a bit later and ended up being turned away at the door a few nights in a row because they were booked till closing. The odd thing was that they didn't take reservations so people had to line up at the door before opening and, if they didn't get a spot right away, were put on a waiting list. Here's the kicker, most of these specialty restaurants were still buffets! To say it was underwhelming is putting it lightly. We did manage to find the hidden gems at the other end of the resort and made the most of those select non-buffet restaurants. I realize this is not a big deal, but it was just one of the little things that add up over the week. I'll spare you the details of the other hiccups because this is not a resort review post!

We spent all of our time either at the pool or at the beach, swimming, reading and catching some rays. We didn't do anything too exciting or adventurous really. We were content to just laze around and have nothing to do. Sometimes, it's just nice to let go and disconnect. The weather was beautiful all week and we even missed the biggest snow storm of the season back home, so that was a relief!

The day after we got home, we started dreaming of our upcoming honeymoon and are really looking forward to going on that adventure! It's like nothing we've ever done before and is a bit of a dream come true for both of us! I won't be saying anymore at this point; you'll just have to keep dropping by to see what it will be!

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