14 May 2019

The New Normal

Still raining, not surprised... This has become my new normal. I was staring into the front-entrance closet the other day only to notice that all of my rain boots had gathered there. It was a rainbow of rubber boots! When I pointed it out to my husband he said: "They're the right thing to be wearing these days!" I don't think I've ever worn rubber boots so often in my life, not even growing up on the farm! Having colourful footwear options for the gloomiest of days helps me in putting together cheery outfits. This has been a blessing in disguise because I've managed to keep my spirit up these pas few weeks in part thanks to my colourful array of outfits! I even added my fun pompom earrings to this look for an added touch of whimsy!

Top: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Earrings: J. Crew (similar) | Coat: Zara (similar) | Boots: Old Navy

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