5 May 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #49

 ONE // Handmaid's Tale Season 3
I cannot wait for this season to start!!! I've been hooked on this series ever since it came out. It's dark and hard to watch at times, but it touches on difficult subjects. I read the book after watching the first season and thought they had done it justice. Season 2 was on a whole other level so I can just imagine what the rebellion of season 3 will bring! So looking forward to watching it! Anybody else a fan of The Handmaid's Tale?

TWO // Optometrist
I had my biennial checkup at the eye doctor. I have a strabismus (a lazy eye) and have dealt with the condition since birth. Luckily I was operated a few times to try and correct it and it has been stable ever since. My eye doctor says that both eyes have perfect vision, they just don't work together! I wear glasses and have worn them since the age of four. It's really no big deal, I've always seen glasses as an accessory, so I'm fine with it. I have fond memories of trying out frames as a little girl. My mom and I had so much fun doing this! I typically get new frames every couple years, but this time I decided to stick with my current frames (because I love them so much) and just get new lenses. It's more ecological too, so there's that!

THREE // Lobster Shirt
The minutes I saw this shirt at Old Navy, I knew I needed it! Ever since I got my crab purse, I've loved the idea of more crustacean-adorned clothing and accessories. Besides, lobsters fit right into my nautical style. The fact that it's navy and red is just a bonus really. I plan on wearing this during our upcoming honeymoon. This is a hint at what we'll be doing, but I won't say more and leave it at that!

FOUR // Mittens
Last week, I received a surprise package in the mail. It was from my grandma and she was sending me back my knitted mittens. She had knit me this pair back in 2004 and I am still wearing them. There is just something about mittens knitted my one's grand-mother! This past winter, they started getting holes here and there and when I was telling my grandma about it, she told me she'd fix them. I sent them along with my mom and that's what the pack contained: my fixed mittens! They are like brand new again! Not only did I get my old mittens back, but she added a new pair of black and white ones! I love them and am happy to add yet another pair to my rotation. (It's never too early to start prepping for winter, the next one is just around the corner...) As I was trying on my mittens for size, I found little chocolates and a note stuffed in them. I have the best grandma and she knows me so well!

FIVE //Red Espadrilles
My summer footwear dreams have come true! I'd been looking for a pair of red espadrilles and, low and behold, Old Navy came out with these beauties! I could not have asked for more! They are dead ringers for the more expensive Castañer or Soludos brands, but at a crazy good price point. The best part is that they are as comfortable as can be. I will definitely be wearing these non-stop this summer.

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