10 May 2019

Splish Splash Spots

Here's to yet another gorgeous rainy spring day! Rain has become the norm around here, so my spring looks have pretty much all contained rubber boots. Sorry, but it's definitely out of necessity at this point. There is nothing I hate more than having wet feet and my shoes squishing with every step because they are soaked. Rubber boots have been my holy grail of footwear and I will never look back. Besides, I'm a much happier person when my feet are dry. You're welcome! Anyways, I'm trying to keep coming up with creative outfit ideas around my yellow boots and today I landed on navy polka dot pants with a white blouse. Nothing too outside the box, but I like it! It's professional, polished, classic and practical. It ticks all the boxes and you'll show up at work dry and in a good mood! Make your outfit work for you, that's the takeaway of today's look!

Blouse: Zara (similar) | Pants: Banana Republic | Belt: Old Navy (similar) | Earrings: Ricki's (similar) | Barrette: Etsy (similar) | Trench: J. Crew | Boots: Old Navy

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