26 May 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #52

ONE // 1 year of Mimi Takes Five
Oh my goodness, today's post is my 52nd Mimi Takes Five. That means I've been doing this Sunday series for a whole year already! The tulips were in bloom when I started and they are blooming once again. Boy, does time ever fly! At first, I wasn't sure about this new format, but after a year, I can surely say that it's here to stay. I've gotten some great feedback about these posts and you seem to really enjoy them. I love putting them together every week and like the change. Here's to many more!

TWO // Downton Abbey Trailer
The highlight of my week has definitely been the (long anticipated) release of the Downton Abbey movie trailer! I have been patiently waiting for this trailer since I found out there'd be a movie (which I talked about in this post.) The series was probably my most loved series ever and I was devastated when it ended. This movie is giving me life again and the fact that Downton will be hosting the King (George V) and Queen (Mary), is just icing on the cake! I am also very much looking forward to the Dowager's witty lines. Dame Maggie Smith is legendary! September can't come quick enough.

THREE // May Glam Bag
My glittery May glam bag arrived in the mail this week and, as usual, I looked forward to receiving it! This one was filled with skin care products and less make-up, but I love that! They also arrived just in time to pack for my honeymoon. The sample product sizing is ideal for travelling and it means I can bring a bigger variety of products. A girl needs options! I am loving the bronzy eye-shadow palette and rose gold eye-liner and predict I will be using them a ton during the summer. There is nothing quite like a little shimmer to complement in bronzy glow.

FOUR // Aladdin at the Drive-In
My husband and I stayed in on Friday night to re-watch Disney's animated Aladdin before going to see the new on at the drive-in on Saturday. It was a rainy day, but the rain stopped at sundown, just in time to settle-in and watch the movie, blankets, pillows and snacks at the ready. I loved it! It stayed so true to the original animated version with a few changes here and there. Although I wasn't sold by the Genie in his first scene/song, the character grew on me and I think Will Smith embodied the character perfectly and totally made it his own. He had fresh jokes and an interesting dynamic with Aladdin. One character I just couldn't warm up to was Jafar. I didn't find him evil enough... I much preferred the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland version of Jafar, too bad they couldn't get Naveen Andrews to play the role. I really loved the Bollywood vibes of this version and thought it was a great addition, especially the dancing scene! I also really appreciated the feminist quality of Princess Jasmine. She was strong and totally found her voice, which was a nice touch to adapt the movie to the times. Overall, it was great! I adored the costumes and new songs too!

FIVE // Striped Pants
These are the pants my summer dreams are made of! The blue and white palette, the bold stripes, my favourite style: they are perfect! I like that this is a pant option for summer that is different than jeans. Sometimes, you need the coverage, but the bulkiness and thickness of jeans can be a bit much. These are that perfect in-between material! Light, but warm without being too warm. They are the Goldielocks of summer pants! I can't wait to wear these all season long! Speaking of long, I got these in the full-length version (as opposed to my usual ankle length) and they off great coverage. I'm not used to wearing full-length pants anymore, so it's a bit odd. I can always roll them up if I want that cropped look. No biggie.         

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