19 May 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #51

ONE // Green Dress
I've been looking for a bright green dress for a few years now. I love the bold shade and find it cheerful to wear during the hotter months. It also looks great against any skin tone! J. Crew has a similar eyelet lace version of this dress, but I opted for the orange hue last year. It was a tough decision! I would have purchased it in both colours if I could have, but sometimes, you just have to be reasonable. Boy was I happy when I saw this year's wrap version at J. Crew Factory! I jumped on it without hesitation this time. I absolutely love the wrap part! It can be worn tied in the front or in the back, which gives this dress more versatility. Definitely going to get a lot of wear out of this one!

TWO // Judy Garland Movie
So, I had no idea there was a Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz) biopic in the making, but I discovered the trailer last week and I cannot wait to see it! I'm somewhat familiar with Judy's life, but am looking forward to seeing how the movie plays it out. However, the best part is that Renée Zellweger (Chicago) will be playing Judy! I love this actress, and we haven't seen her in a while, so this sounds promising!

THREE // Escape Room
This past week was our Staff Week at work. This is the week in which we jam pack all the fun activities as a way to boost moral after the wrap-up of the school year. This week is usually a big highlight for me and this year did not disappoint! I got to participate in my very first Escape Room! This had been on the list for a while now and it was every bit as fun as I had anticipated! My team even escaped with 2:14 minutes to spare! This will definitely not be my last!

FOUR //Medieval Fun
As much fun as the Escape Room was, I have to say the best activity was the Archery Games! OMG, this was epic! It's sort of like dodge ball meets Hunger Games. It also has a slight Paintball or Laser Tag feel, depending on the game played. I was totally channeling my inner Katniss with my bow and arrows! Running around, shooting arrows at your colleagues is a really interesting concept! This was all in good fun and I turned out to actually be really good at it! Who knew? My team mates referred to me as the sniper, so I think that says it all! It's such a thrill! Now my husband wants to try it, so we'll probably be getting a group of friends together for the next battle. 

Following the Archery Games (that I did not get a good picture of), I had a workshop on medieval books, offered by the Archives. We got to see some real treasures! I'm always fascinated by old books and getting to see pieces of history! We also got to try our hands at the ancient techniques of inking and pigmenting. These look a lot easier than they are. Using a quill to write is no small task. I have a whole new appreciation for the art form it was! I don't think I did too badly, though.

FIVE // Canadian Stamps
How scrumptious do these stamps look? We needed stamps the other day and when I saw these at the Post Office, I was sold! They feature authentic Canadian treats and I love the irregular shapes! So fun! The only thing that might make these even better would be if they were Scratch n' Sniff! I'll be using these to mail out my wedding thank you cards and thought they were the perfect fit because we served a couple of these treats at the wedding! It was meant to be!

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