3 May 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #101

ONE // Dog Leash Sign
My mom has been keeping busy with crafting classes during her retirement and she made us this cute little wall-hanging for our dog leashes. She nailed the colour choice and I think her design turned out really great! It matches our house colour palette perfectly and provides us with a special place near the entrance to keep the dog leashes and poop bags accessible. We were keeping these things in a kitchen drawer, so not the best place for them. Having them near the door has been a game-changer, since we are going for way more dog walks that we used too now. I'm especially happy for the reminder to grab a couple bags on my way out the door. I tend to always forget those... The only down-side is that having the leashes in sight means the dog spots them more often. As long as we don't touch them, we're good. However, the minute we do touch them, the dog knows she's going for a walk (her most favourite thing on earth) so we have to follow through! Thanks for the thoughtful gift, mom!

TWO // Kobe the Little Chef
I made the best discovery this week! I came across this adorable account on Instagram that features a tiny little chef cooking up a storm. If you like things that make you happy and are lacking in cooking content, this account is for you! Kobe helps his mom prepare dinner every night and is a dab hand at sprinkling chia seeds and tasting all the cheese. I am blown over by his enthusiasm and dexterity (and admire his mom's ability to embrace the process!) Seriously, be on the lookout for this little guy because he will be chasing Michelin Stars before you know it!

THREE // April Ipsy
My April Ipsy bag came in this week and it was great to get a little something special in the mail. I love this lilac hued floral bag with little wooden zipper pull. It's perfectly spring-y! I got the usual black liner. This one's okay, has a fine tip and is long-lasting. I also got a blending brush, which I didn't need. I'm not big on make-up brushes. I mean, once you have everything you need, I don't see why I'd want/need more. I said "no" to brushes in my profile, so I'm not sure why they keep sending me some... Anyways, I'm happy with the other products: an overnight face mask, a cleanser, a vitamin C serum, some spiral hair ties and a coral/nude lipstick. I've been doing a lot more skincare rituals while at home and it's been nice.

FOUR // Gilmore Girls
In the spirit of trying to keep things light and positive, I decided to rewatch the entire Gilmore Girls series. I'd seen quite a bit of the episodes when they played on TV, but didn't follow the series religiously. I figured now would be a great time to binge-watch it. Being a "word" person, I can't get enough of the witty repartee and sarcasm. The fast-talking is also a favourite of mine! I am fully invested in the series at the moment and it provides a great escapism of the current times. It's such a classic and watching it is giving me a warm,  fuzzy feeling.

FIVE // Polka Dot Skirt
I have this thing with midi skirts. I also have this thing with polka dots. Clearly, I needed to have a thing with this skirt! It's the basic (but, not that basic) skirt of my dreams. This bold black and white skirt is seriously what my wardrobe dreams are made of. It's a little bit vintage with the silhouette, it's a little bit retro with the print, it's a little bit trendy with the midi length: basically, it's a lot ME! I love finding pieces with a bit of retro/modern mix to them as they are proven to be timeless pieces. Now, more than ever, I'm trying to narrow down my personal style and get pieces that I will wear for a long time. This skirt transcends the seasons, so is a perfect addition!

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