24 May 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #104

ONE // Picnic
Earlier this week, the dog groomers gave us a call that they were reopening and that our pups were on the priority list (because they had an appointment that was cancelled due to the lockdown). Seeing as it was a beautiful day, we dropped off the dogs at the groomers and packed some picnic essentials, swung by our favourite food truck and found a quiet spot by the river. It was pure bliss! We laid out a blanket and a couple pillows, popped open the wine and just lounged around for a couple hours. It felt like a warm summer day and the sun was low in the sky. We really just relaxed and unwound while reading and taking in the sight. It was a glimpse into those easy summer days we can hopefully look forward to enjoying more often!

This pas week, Amber Butchart started her bite size TV episodes on her Instagram account. She's a fashion historian I discovered through the BBC show Stitch in Time a couple years ago. I've always been fascinated by fashion and she really delves into the history of it all. Now, she has launched Dirty Laundry, a series in which she will examine style stories from the past of certain styles and fashions in a bite-size way, directly from her home. First up, she breaks down stripes and their association with the nautical style and maritime dress. Although I already knew a lot of the history of stripes, I still learned a lot and she breaks it down so well. A must watch! I can't wait for the next episode!

THREE // Scarf Scrunchie
Scrunchies have been making a comeback since last year and they are really picking up steam. I forgot how much I loved them growing up in the 90s. I used to always match them to my outfits! Some things haven't really changed! As much as I love tying scarves in my hair, they are not always the most obvious hair accessory to style. In come the scarf scrunchie! Some genius decided to add scarf tails to scrunchies. This way you can tie your hair the way you usually would, but give off the flair and effortlessness of a scarf. Easy peasy! I got this taupe one from H&M, but loads of places like Old Navy, American Eagle and Asos sell them. If the scarf trend is too daunting, this is the way to go to get the style without the complications!

FOUR // May Ipsy
My Ipsy glam bag has arrived! Last month's was really late, so I wasn't expecting this month's to arrive on time. I absolutely adore this sunset ombré pouch! I've been really appreciating sunsets these days, so this bag could not have come at a better time. Seeing as I've been slowing down these past few weeks, I've been focusing more and more on skincare. I've been religiously cleansing and moisturizing my skin while doing a mask at least once a week. So, I was happy to get a new coconut foam cleanser (I loved my last coconut cleanser, even though I'm not the biggest fan of the coconut smell). I absolutely adore the green tea/lemon mask! This stuff smells amazing and the fine scrubs give your skin a good polish. I'm always happy to get anything First Aid Beauty or Goldfadden MD because they are all cult-worthy. The nail polish is a nice pinkish shade and I think I'll use it for my next pedicure. I'm loving the pink lipgloss because it's a great everyday neutral. The eye shadow is okay, but I honestly don't need anymore. All in all, this was a great haul!

FIVE // Bombshell in Concert
Back in 2012, I started watching the series Smash. Being the musical fan that I am, combined to my fascination with Marilyn Monroe, it was a show made for me! I did not miss a single episode and fell in love with the cast, the story but mostly the music! It was catchy and I found myself humming the tunes all the time. I was sad when the series ended, but it ended in a good place. This week, the Actors Fund decided to livestream a benefit concert that had taken place in 2015 and sold out. During the intermission, there was Smash  cast reunion! If you missed it, the video can be found here. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert and all those feelings, memories and lyrics came pouring back. As if I still remember all these songs! It's been a hot minute! However, the best news is that Smash will finally be headed to Broadway! Best. News. Ever.

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