10 May 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #102

ONE // Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I'm hoping that all the moms out there get extra love this year as they have undoubtedly gone over and above these last few weeks! We are living through some tough times and moms are the glue that keeps it all together, so today's the day to show her just how much you care and appreciate her. I know I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for my mother's influence (and that of all other mother figures in my life - I'm looking at you grandma and all my aunts!) I'm realizing that some of my resilience these days is a direct result of the things my mother has taught me over the years. As simple as it might seem, I'm really happy she taught me how to bake (and it took a lot of patience) because quarantine would be that much harder without this particular skill set... As much as we've been keeping in touch, social distancing is hard and I wanted to make sure to mark her special day. I got her a little something from Chapters and shipped it to her house as a small token affection. I always find the best gifts at Chapters, so it was the first place I turned to find her the perfect thing! I hope you like your gift mom! Je t'aime, maman!

TWO // Orchid Art
I've always loved orchids. My aunt has had one for years and it has always bloomed prolifically. After living with her for a few years, I knew I'd one day want my very own. I received my first one as a birthday gift, but the florist had warned my husband that the plant was sick and probably wouldn't last long. She was right. Once it had bloomed, it lost all its flowers and each leaf followed one by one. Not a great start. Then, when we bought our house, we decided to try again. We had picked out an orchid with beautiful blue and purple blooms. It did not die after its first blooming cycle (which was a success), but it took a couple of years for a new stem to start growing. We finally had a good stem and then the fire happened. Needless to say, the plant did not stand a chance. So, once we rebuilt and moved back home, we figured we'd try again. You know, the third time's the charm! Well, this orchid had bloomed an entire two cycles and is currently growing its third stem. I did notice that the other day that the stem has snapped almost competently, so I've splintered it and am hoping it heals... Either way, it's still living and we are so happy that this one is thriving! After its first blooming cycle, my husband had saved one of the fallen blooms and dried it. I then framed the flower and it now decorates out powder room. It's a great memento to have and it represents hope that we can keep on living no matter what life throws our way.

THREE // CastaƱer Espadrilles
After swooning over this espadrille brand, I finally bit the bullet and treated myself for my birthday back in January. As much as I've loved and worn my Old Navy espadrilles, the quality of these ones is beyond compare. I was really eyeing the Joyce pointed toe in Tostado. I figured I'd invest in a neutral style that would offer more bang for my buck. I think these will be the perfect shoes to match all of my summer straw and raffia accessories, the dream really. I did use a protective spray on them to protect against the elements and I know espadrilles don't do well when they get wet, so I rather be safe than sorry. For now, I'm wearing them indoors to break them in and make sure they are good to go when confinement is over. I predict I'll be wearing them all summer long!

FOUR // Harry Potter Live Read
I was so happy to find out that famous people will be reading the 17 chapters of the first Harry Potter book live! If you already have an account on the Wizarding World website (which I've had for almost a decade now!), all you have to do is log in and watch the videos. The first chapter is read by non-other than Daniel Radcliffe, Harry himself! This series has always been a big part of my life and listening to the first chapter took me back. Nostalgia is like a big hug in these uncertain times and I suspect we will all react as enthusiastically at the end of confinement as wizards did to the fall of you-know-who, minus the cloaks, of course!

FIVE // Fresh Buds
I noticed the first obvious buds while on one of my many walks this week. The budding trees always make me smile this time of year. They are the first signs of spring and the significance was not lost on me: rebirth. This notion rang especially true this year with the particular circumstances. These tiny little green bits are a ray of hope amidst the uncertainty of late. If nature can get through the harsh winters every year, we can surely get through these trying times. I have hope that we will get out of this stronger, wiser and perhaps more humble than before. In the meantime, I've been trying to focus on the positives and the trees budding is one of those little rays of sunshine. I can't wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom, they've got to be my favourites!

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