11 Oct 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #123

ONE // New Puzzle
My love for puzzling runs deep. I love nothing more than to tune out the world and focus all my energy in doing a puzzle. The best is on a rainy weekend, with a warm cup of tea and a good podcast I can binge while puzzling the day away. I recently tackled this adorable bookshelf with sleeping cats. It was perfectly challenging and I loved the sturdiness of the pieces and the random cut! I prefer random shaped pieces to the usual grid-like pattern; it keeps things interesting! I'll be sure to buy more Cobble Hill puzzles because they are that great! I also got this nifty basic black board on which to do my puzzles, that way I can better move them without the fear of them falling apart. I also love that the black background makes it obvious where pieces are still missing. Yes, I've become a puzzle snob...

TWO // Camel Cable-Knit
I've had this camel cable-knit sweater since last fall, but I'm featuring it again because it's just the most perfect fall wardrobe staple. I love cable-knit sweaters most because the patterns keep them from looking too boring and makes them timeless. I love layering them over a plaid shirt or wearing them on their own. This one is from a past Old Navy collection, but they tend to bring them back every year. I've got a few and love them all. Camel is a great autumn neutral colour, but I also have an evergreen one and a bright red one too. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one if they come back this year!

THREE // Carrot Soup
Keeping up with soup season, I made a Golden Carrot Soup this past weekend. We bought a five-pound bag of carrots and I planned to put them to good use. Making my all-time favourite fall soup was a given. My mom used to make a big batch of this very soup every fall and I always looked forward to it. The tradition continues as I make it myself now. Then, I made a batch of carrot muffins and finally peeled and chopped the rest of the carrot to blanche them and freeze them for quick add-ons to stews and soups this winter. This is such an easy way of making the most of seasonal vegetables!

FOUR // Orange Purse
I had been looking for an orange purse for quite some time now. However, I was looking for a specific shade of orange, I wanted a more muted tone: think more apricot than pumpkin. I was also looking for a cross-body option as I'm a big fan of the hands-free styles. Especially now that I'm only carrying small purses with the essentials as opposed to a bigger purse I carry to work. Also, the cross-body means I'm less likely to put it down anywhere and contact any contaminated surfaces... Well, Aldo delivered the perfect bag that ticked all the boxes for me! It's exactly what I was looking for and am looking forward to adding little pops of orange to my fall looks. Also, the strap is removable, so this bag could easily turn into an evening bag in a snap. I just love finding versatile pieces!

FIVE // Thanskgiving
Well, Thanksgiving will be a little different this year, for obvious reasons. But we're still going to make the most of it even if sharing it with loved ones is off the table (pun intended!) My husband and I will cook a big old turkey with all the fixings, as we normally would, and enjoy a romantic Thanksgiving for two. I don't think that's ever happened, and that will make it even the more special. Then, we have big plans of making all the turkey dishes and stocking up our freezer for the winter. Besides, we will have lots of leftover meat, so might as well make the most of it! Turkey soup and pot pies, here we come!

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