25 Oct 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #125

ONE // Halloween T-shirts
I fell in love with these adorable Halloween t-shirts at Old Navy and could not pass them up for the price. A graphic tee is an easy way to take part in the spirit of the holiday without going over the top. I've already worn the pumpkin one a few times as it's suitable for fall, but am going to wear the other one on Halloween. Even if we won't be giving out candy this year (local regulations), I'll be watching Halloween movies in my thematic t-shirt!

TWO // October Ipsy
I'm really digging the dark and moody vibes of my October Ipsy glam bag! This dark purple nail polish is perfect for Halloween (or any moody day, really) and I'm loving this purple quad eye shadow. The mascara and black liner are great staples I go through quickly, so it's always nice to get more. Sadly, the lipstick is not the right shade for me... Oh well, I'm not running out of lipsticks anytime soon! The best part by a long shot is this obsidian Gua Sha! I've been wanting one for ages and it's taking my face massaging game up a notch! All in all, this was a great haul!

THREE // The Graveyard Book
After watching Coraline for the first time ever the other day, I had a conversation about it with my brother. I didn't know much about it at all, but really enjoyed it. When I mentioned it had a Tim Burton-esque vibe about it, he told me that it was actually a Neil Gaiman book. He had recommended I read Anansi Boys ages ago and I remember loving it, so I was not at all surprised that Coraline was by the same author. Being the avid reader that he is, he recommended I read The Graveyard Book. The time of year is actually perfect for it! I'm almost done and it's been quite good: not as spooky as Coraline, but very much in line with the spirit of the current season.  He's also reading it again at the same time. I love when we simultaneously read the same book because then I get to have conversations about it and share perspectives and interpretations. I guess it's similar to a book club, but it's just us two and it's sporadic, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Who knows, I might even guest blog about this book on his blog.

FOUR // Plaid Blanket Scarf
Blanket scarves have long been a weakness of mine. I justify my abundant collection with our extremely cold winters. These scarves are a very necessary accessory! They double as shawls indoors also, you know, for when it's chilly in my basement home office. This latest addition boasts the perfect fall colour palette of brown orange and yellow. I mean, if fall was a scarf, this would be it! I've worn it plenty these past few weeks and don't tire of it one bit! I already can't wait till next fall to wear it even more! Ha!

FIVE // The Prom
I am excited to see this movie! I mean, I need escapism more than ever these days and this looks like a fun, musical production. It actually started on Broadway, so that's all I need to know. It even has Meryl Streep! Honestly, anything this woman touches is pure gold, so I'm all in just for that. Plus, the glitter and glam are great selling points for me, ha ha! I'm not too sure about the storyline, but I'm down for a feel-good movie, so I won't sweat too much about that. Bring on the zazz!

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