15 Nov 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #128


ONE // The Crown, Season 4
The day has finally arrived: The Crown, Season 4 is here! Clearly, binge-watching this season will be my only plans for the day. Let's be real, this is the season we've all been waiting for. For me, this season will focus on the years of the royal family that I remember talking about growing up. I mean, Diana was a very polarizing person and I can't wait to see how she will be depicted. I'm also looking forward to seeing Margaret Thatcher! As much as I've loved the fashions of the 50s and 60s, I'm ready for some over-the-top 80s looks! Long live The Crown!

TWO // Old School Hair Clips
I remember the 90s fondly, but I think one thing I remember most clearly were the hair accessories (butterfly clips, anyone?) Well, one of the things I wore the most were these metal hair clips that snap in place. With the revival of the barrette a few years ago, I'm happy to see this style is back as well! They are the easiest of hair clips to use and I got this cute 5-pack at Old Navy a little while back. I think this style of hair clip is ideal for fall and winter because they lay flat against the head and makes wearing hats pain-free. No metal bits digging into your scalp. So, if you don't have any of these little clips they might be worth investing in to keep your tresses in place while keeping you head and ears warm this winter.

THREE // Christmas Cards
I've started making my Christmas cards and I must say, crafting is such a joy and really takes my mind off things. I make my Christmas cards every year and always have to start them early because they do take a lot of time. With the postal service being swamped this year, I really want to get them mailed as early as possible. If we won't be seeing friends and family in person this year, the least I can do is send them a handmade card with a heartfelt message. Also, writing out cards makes you take the time to think about each person and reflect about the special people in your life. I love sending out cards as much as I do receiving them and they will mean so much more this year. There is one thing, 2020 sure gave us a different perspective... 

FOUR // Pentatonix Christmas Album
So my sister made me discover Pentatonix years ago and I've always loved their a cappella style. Well, turns out they are releasing yet another Christmas album this year! They set up a few quiz-style stories on their Instagram to have us guess which songs will comprise this new album along with tiny excerpts of each. Naturally, I got to the end of the stories and it made me even more excited to hear the complete songs! I think I'm most excited for Once Upon a December (any Anastasia fans out there?) One can never have too much Christmas music, so I'll be adding this one to my festive playlist!

FIVE // 5-year Blogiversary
I celebrated my five-year blogiversary this past week. I can't believe I've already been blogging for five years!  Although, I must say that this year has been very different. Honestly, I have to thank blogging for my getting dressed every day and staying in a bit of a routine while I transitioned into working from home. Another great thing about blogging is that it's the one thing that kept on going during the pandemic and it provides me with a sense of normalcy, which is a big deal these days. Blogging was also something that kept me going after we had the fire, so I guess I find myself turning to blogging during the tough times. One could say it's a bit therapeutic for me. Either way, I won't be stopping anytime soon and I'm grateful you are all on this journey with me!

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