29 Nov 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #130

ONE // 24 Days of Tea
Just one more day to go before I get to pop open this bad boy: my 24 Days of Tea advent calendar from David's Tea! This is the one advent calendar I buy every year without fail since 2015. It's the OG for me and with good reason. The packaging is always top-notch, but what I love most is that each box is filled with a comforting seasonal flavour. Plus, there is enough tea in each to make me at least three cups, so the calendar lasts me all winter, basically. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Normally, I keep this stashed in my desk at the office because it's just that practical. However, this year, I'm really looking forward to making my teas at home as I've been enjoying tea lattes, which are much easier to make from home. This is at least one tradition that will endure the pandemic.

TWO // Lace Collar
I have found the holy grail of accessories this season and I'm so proud of myself! I've been swooning over the oversized-collar trend and love everything about it. However, I was not ready to commit to adding so many new pieces to my wardrobe because of the trend... Then, I stumbled upon this removeable lace-trim collar from H&M and it was a true revelation! With this very affordable piece, I can transform my existing wardrobe to follow the trend without having to invest a small fortune! I will be adding this collar to all my sweaters and dresses for the foreseeable future and can just stop wearing it when I tire of it. I mean, this is the way to go! This method lets you adapt your current wardrobe and making already loved pieces that much more versatile. I'm seriously considering getting a couple more collars for even more variety. 

THREE // November Ipsy
This month's glam bag has arrived! I was really excited for this one as I was running low on moisturizer and couldn't wait to try out the contour powder. I love both cleansers and both moisturizers because taking great care of my skin has been a big part of my morning and nighttime routines these past months. I find such peace and relaxation in these routines and the benefits are great too! I have to say, the 111Skin cream is a bit thicker than I typically use, but that's fine for a colder-weather daily moisturizer. Besides, I like trying different things out to see how my skin reacts. I'm loving the tinted lip balm (it smells like peppermint!) because it's a great option for days you don't want to go full glam but still want to moisturize your lips. The eye pencil is okay, but I do prefer liquid liners to pencils. Finally, I really love this neutral nail polish. The shade is somewhere between taupe and mauve, making it a good option for fall. It's not a colour I would have picked out at the store, but I really love it! I like that this subscription lets me try out loads of things I wouldn't necessarily think of. 

FOUR // Gift Bow Earrings
Full disclosure, I bought these earrings last year, but there are so many similar options this year that I simply had to feature them. I got a two-pack at H&M (red and gold - I think they have them in store again this year) and they have been my most-worn seasonal earrings ever. There's something just so fun and simple about the gift-bow shape. They are both very Christmas-y and classic. Also, the fact that they are a stud earrings makes them really easy to wear every day because they are not too fancy. If you are looking for subtly Christmas earrings, these are it, seriously. I've linked a few options below should you want to add some to your wish list, they would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

FIVE // Sweet Advent
Featuring my second advent calendar! Yes, I need two this year! 2020 can't come to an end quickly enough and I figured two calendars would make the time go by twice as quickly, ha ha! My David's Tea calendar is the "classic" one I get every year, but this one is filled with candy; it's my "fun" one! I've loved La boîte à bonbons for years now and jumped at the opportunity of pre-ordering their advent calendar this year (after missing out on it last year...) Even though they are sold out of the calendar, they do have a special Christmas box that would make a great gift for a loved one or even for yourself. If you're a big candy fan, you could even just sign up for the monthly subscriptions box. My personal choice is always the sour mix, but you can pick either the sweet mix, the sour mix or a mix of both. There is sure to be an option that satisfies any sweet tooth. Plus, the quality of these gummies is out of this world! How they keep them so fresh, I don't know, but they are the most delicious gummies I have ever sunken my teeth in!

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