31 Jan 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #137

ONE // Birthday Cupcakes
On my birthday, my husband surprised me with a half-dozen cupcakes from my favourite little spot downtown, The Cupcake Lounge! He had placed a special order, selecting specific flavours. I have not had one of these cupcakes in so long and haven't been downtown since I've been working from home. This was such a great surprise! I think it was better than cake because I got a variety of flavours and enough cupcakes to last three days! It might have been a quarantined birthday, but it still involved cake!

TWO // Little (Velour) Black Dress
I got this cute studded black velour dress around the holidays, but didn't get to wear it (big surprise!) It really reminds me of a dress I had and loved as a kid, so had to have it! I love the long sleeves and stand-up collar. This makes it the perfect LBD for winter and can easily be worn during the holidays and throughout the cold season. That's why I decided to wear it on my birthday this past week! I had taken the day off work and had no real plans, but decided to get dressed up because it was my birthday. I didn't need more of a reason than that! I wanted to get dressed up and feel a little special on my special day. It did the trick! Hopefully, I'll get to wear my velour dress neck holiday season.

THREE // Lightbox
One of my gifts was this super cute marquee-style lightbox! I'd been wanting and eyeing these for so long, but never took the plunge. It's purely decorative, but I like the idea of changing up the message on it to fit a mood or occasion. Not only did I get the box with a set of letters, but my husband took it a step further by also getting me an expansion pack with colourful letters and emojis! I see hours of fun, coming up with clever messages in my future! I'm sure I'll find many uses for it. The best birthday gifts are things you'd like to have, but wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. This is very much one of those things!

FOUR // January Ipsy
I finally got my January Ipsy, just in the nick of time! I've been getting some really neat products lately and even some full-sized items. I was most excited for the moisture socks in this month's bag along with the nail polish, the serum and oil. I'm just all about that pampering game and winter is the perfect season to relax and self-care. I was trying to explain the reason for the array of products I use to my husband. Attempting to breakdown the different uses of each product and the reason I need them all is challenging when talking to someone who uses dual-use products... The fact of the matter is I have a use for every product, I use every product, each product serves a purpose and it's part of my skincare routine. Just let me have this!

FIVE // The Snoopy Show
Best news of the week: The Snoopy Show is coming to Apple TV! I've loved Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang for as long as I can remember and absolutely adore the world created by Charles Schultz. I take it this new iteration will focus on Snoopy's point of view, so we'll be in for lots of high-flying adventure as the lovable beagle gets carried away by his imagination! I'm just a little bummed it's on Apple TV as this is not a subscription I have. I hope it gets picked up by other streaming services. 

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