10 Jan 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #134

ONE // Snowshoeing
My husband and I took a few days to get away a little between Christmas and New Year's. We spent five days in a family cottage just us and the dogs to disconnect and really relax and recharge. The weather was great and fully winter so we got out and did some snowshoeing on the lake and in the nearby woods. It was really great to take in the sights, get some fresh air and enjoy all of that white fluffy snow! It was just what we needed to unwind!

TWO // Shiny Workout Set
I browse the Old Navy website quite a bit because I love their workout gear. Well, needless to say, I was head over heels for this shiny rose gold set the minute I clapped eyes on it! It's just so over the top! I've been spending a lot more time in my leggings these past months, so investing in some (for lack of a better word) fancier gear just made sense. Besides, working out is always more fun in a cute outfit, right? I actually packed this set with me on our little getaway and wore it for NYE. It was a very low-key night in with just me and my husband, so I thought this outfit was the perfect thing to wear! I might not have worn sequins this year, but at least I didn't give up on the shine completely!

THREE // Wintery Block Decor
One of my Christmas gifts was this DIY kit to make my own little winter decoration. My mom's local boutique has been creating these DIY kits and hosting crafting workshops (pre-covid). For Christmas, they were selling these paint-your-own block kits with all the supplies needed. I got the Let it snow kit and I spend a couple days just painting and crafting away. I absolutely loved the process and enjoyed every minute of it! This was such a perfect gift idea as you're gifting an experience. After putting away all my Christmas decorations, I was happy to have a little something to display for winter. This brought me so much joy, thanks mom!

FOUR // Christmas Gifts
It was a very low-key Christmas this year, but my mom still managed to send us a box of goodies. Other than my above-mentioned project, she gave me a striped top, a blanket scarf, some extra cozy socks and a few pieces of jewelry. I also got a few kitchen things such as a muffin tin, a batter scoop and a wooden spoon. I've been doing a lot more baking this year, so these were right on the nose! She knows me so well! I mean, stripes, cozy layering pieces and cute jewelry. She could not have done any better!

FIVE // December Ipsy
Well, my December Ipsy finally arrived this week. It was much later than usual but I understand that December was a busy postal month. However, I was very pleased when it did arrive! I just love this pink sherpa bag, it's so different and unique! I've been focusing on more moisturizers, serums and oils these past few months as taking care of my skin has become a bit of a ritual during all this at-home time. I'm loving it and the benefits have been great. It was nice to also get a very subtle eye shadow (perfect for everyday wear) and a new brow product. I love my Benefit brow gel, so was curious about the eyebrow pencil. It's great for filling in a bare spot and shaping the brow before setting it with the gel. I'm all about a groomed eyebrow! The darker lipstick pencil is quite nice for an easy pop of colour. All in all, I'm very happy with my goodies this past month!

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