24 Jan 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #136

ONE // Winter Hiking Boots
With all the outdoor walking I've been doing lately, I was looking for some cute hiking style winter boots. Most of my winter footwear are wedges, great for dressy workwear, but not so good for walking. I snagged these little beige beauties at Old Navy and love them! I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them right before Christmas. They keep my feet nice and warm (which is very hard as my feet are usually ice cubes the entire winter...) They actually are stain and waterproof, which is a game changer with salty-sidewalk city living... I can fit thick socks in them, but I still found them a tad wide. I have a narrow foot, so I added some gel insoles for a bit more arch support and they are perfect now! I might invest in a better quality pair in the future, but my Old Navy shoes tend to last very well, so we'll see.

TWO // Anniversary Dinner
My husband and I quietly celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We decided to order take-out from one of our favourite local spots for dinner to highlight the occasion. We settled on a great filet mignon with roasted vegetables and fries! We can never turn down a great steak and this one hit it out of the park! We had a side of crab cakes (my fave!) and I got the molten lava chocolate cake while my husband got the blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Had the circumstances been different, we would have got out to celebrate, but it was still special doing this way. I like celebrating milestones, even if it's a low-key thing.

THREE // Winter Wonderland
We've gotten a lot of snow this week. The biggest snow dumps of the season so far. This is actually normal weather. I remember thinking to myself, while on my daily walks in early January, that this was unusually mild weather for this time of year. I was thinking that maybe we'd get off easy this year... All I had to do was think it for the weather to turn! Ha ha! We got somewhere between 30 and 40 cm of snow in the past week. I had not yet taken out my big winter boots this year, but I dug them up this week. It's so pretty outside and I absolutely love staring at the fluffy snowflakes fall during a storm. However, I think the very best part of winter this year is that I don't have to leave the warmth and comfort of my home! I'm enjoying winter the way I used to as a kid again and it's giving me all the warm, nostalgic feelings!

FOUR // David's Tea Subscription Box
For my birthday, my mom surprised me with a subscription to David's Tea Tea Tasting Club! They had launched this new subscription box program back in December and I was so excited when I found out! I am a serious fan of David's Tea and loved the idea of a seasonal box filled with new flavours, classic blends and extra little surprises. I received my first one this past week and it is so good! Not only is the packaging super cute and informative, but the box boasted 25g bags of 8 different varieties as well as a Tea Club tin in the signature David's Tea teal and a little booklet chock full of information, recipes and tips and tricks. I am so giddy with excitement over this super fun birthday gift idea and have already steeped a few cups. Everything is so tasty, there truly is a tea for every mood!

FIVE // Oversized Scrunchie
My latest hair accessory obsession is the oversized scrunchie. Will the scrunchie replace my go-to headband? I'm not sure but, for now, I'm loving them for jazzing up my casual day hair bun. Maybe it will become my go-to accessory for when I wear my hair up? Perhaps. I'm a true 90s kid, so I'm all for the scrunchie comeback! I do prefer the new oversized style because it's more statement-worthy and we all now I love a good statement piece!

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