17 Jan 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #135

ONE // Bridgerton
Unless you've been living under a rock since Christmas, you've heard of the recent Netflix sensation: Bridgerton! I am always down for past-era content and this one delivers, but with a modern twist. The best description is very much Gossip Girl set in the Regency period. I love everything from the costumes, to the sets, the characters and the scandalous story lines. Also, Julie Andrews as narrator is perfection! I tried to pace myself, but still finished the first season in a matter of a few days. I hear rumblings of multiple more seasons to come and I am here for it! I'm also considering reading the books depending on how long the wait is between seasons...

TWO // Tabletop Curling
I don't think there's a more Canadian game out there... I mean, how adorable is this tabletop curling game? The tiny rocks are the cutest little things, I can't! Fun fact about me: I was part of my high-school curling team and we had the most fun. I've always loved curling as it's a sport that is, as my mom would put it, "my speed," ha ha! As much as I liked playing it, my husband loves watching it on TV. Now, we found a really great way of curling indoors during lockdown. It's so fun and the best part is that we found this gem at the dollar store! We've got hours of fun ahead of us!

THREE // Sherpa Hoodie
Okay, this hoodie screams comfort! I'd been toying with the idea of getting a Sherpa hoodie for a while now, but never fell in love with any style/colour before. Then, I stumbled upon this most beautiful light grey version with hood and satin ties at Joe Fresh. I decided to take the plunge and ordered it! Well, let me tell you just how amazingly fluffy and soft this thing is! It's like snuggling up to a teddy bear when you were a kid, except now you are the teddy bear. I will be wearing it on repeat during the current lockdown and stay-at-home order. If I'm going to essentially be hibernating, I might as well dress the part!

FOUR // Teal Floral Purse
I've had this really cute purse for a couple years now and dug it out this week so I figured I'd feature it in today's post. I had gotten it on clearance at Nordstrom and really loved the beautiful painted floral pattern and the moody colour palette. I'm a fan of cross-body purses for their ease of use and hands-free wear, so I was sold on it. Even though it's a floral bag, the palette makes it a perfect piece for fall and winter. It can even transition really well from winter to spring. Now that I dug it up again, I'm really wanting to wear it more. Too bad we are on lockdown and I've got no place to go. My purses are getting a real big break this year...

FIVE // Sex and the City, Next Chapter
I could not believe my eyes when I saw this post on Sarah Jessica Parker's Instagram the other day: there will be a Sex and the City reboot! I can hardly contain my excitement! I absolutely love this series and have fond memories of watching it with my aunt and going to see both movie premieres with her! The fashion, the wit, the humour, the female independence; what is there not to love about this series? I'm a bit bummed that Samatha won't be part of it, but that was to be expected. Either way, I'm just so happy to delve back into a world I enjoyed so much and to check in with characters I've loved watching. And just like that, the journey resumes!

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