14 Mar 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #143

ONE // Hair Cut & Colour
I was finally able to go get my hair done post-lockdown. The last time I went was early December, so my roots were definitely due and I was finding my hair a bit too long, so a trim was also a must. I didn't do anything drastic, but stuck with my usual shade and got a bit of a trim. That's it, but it feels great to refresh one's mane every once in a while! To be honest, the roots were not bothering me as much as they did during the first lockdown. I guess I've lived and learned since then. All that to say that I don't mind my greys, really, I just like a different shade than my natural one. That's all. I'll go grey one day, but not now.

TWO // Workout Set
I'm always drawn to matching set... It doesn't matter what it is, if it's part of a matching set, I want to wear it! Don't get me wrong, as much as I love wearing matching pieces together, I also love the versatility of mixing and matching the pieces separately. It's a bit of a challenge to try and style pieces of a matching set individually. It's like a fun game to me! But the ease of not having to think about putting an outfit together is also a plus for days you are feeling uncreative of rushed. See, matching sets are a win-win in my book! This recent powder blue leggings and top set is from Old Navy and they are by far the most buttery leggings I own. The stretch, softness and all-around comfort of this set are beyond. I look forward to styling it as is and mixing and matching it with my other workout wear!

THREE // Reusable Swaps
For the past few years, I've been (very) slowly trying to switch things or habits in my daily life to more ecological options. Now, this is not always an easy exercise and I do realize that my efforts are only a drop in the bucket, but I still think these changes are worth it in the long run. I've already made the switch to reusable cotton rounds for make-up and haven't looked back. I've been drinking from a reusable water bottle for ages now and always brought my coffee to work in a reusable mug (back when I was going to the office). The most recent switch I've made is to reusable swabs. Now I know this one sounds odd and might put some people off. But I thought it was worth a try and so far so good! The little nubs really grip and feel so good. They are super easy to rinse off after each use and dry in their little holder. These are perfect for everyday use and travel. 

FOUR // Neutral Plaid Scarf
My scarf collection is ever growing and evolving. I have plenty of colourful options, but was on the search for more neutral options to go with louder printed coats. I found this beautiful beige and ivory plaid scarf at H&M and think it's perfect for transitioning from winter to spring!

FIVE // Spring Meltdown
Speaking of transitioning, we had a few very warm days this past week and the spring meltdown was in full effect. The sun was shining and the melted snow was rushing down the streets to the storm drains. It's always surprising just how quickly the massive snow accumulations can melt. I realize this is not going to last and we'll get another snow storm (or two) before winter is really over, but I'm enjoying the few days that hint at the season that comes next.

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