21 Mar 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #144

ONE // Gym Lockers
Ever since we moved back into our home in March of 2017, I've wanted to get myself some old-school metal gym lockers for my workout area in the basement. It wasn't high on the priority list and I never really got around to looking for some. With the pandemic and all, my husband and I have finally started tackling the little jobs that still need doing around the house and I thought it was finally time to look for some lockers. I turned to Facebook Marketplace and lucked out! I got this set of lockers for a steal and they are the ideal thing to store all of my home gym equipment. I gave them a good scrub down for now, but plan on painting them. This might wait until the warmer months, but I figured I'd put them to good use until that time comes. I'm just so happy with my little gym corner!

TWO // Reusable Produce Bags
In a bid to be a bit more ecological, I've added reusable produce bags to my grocery routine. We've been bringing our own reusable bags when doing groceries for years now. I don't remember a time when we didn't do this. I'm taking things a step further by investing in these cute little reusable mesh bags (made of recycled plastic bottles, no less) for my produce. It's actually much easier to use these bags than fussing with the flimsy plastic ones and then having to knot them. After putting away the produce at home, I simply throw the bags in the wash. It's as simple as that! We've used them a few times now and I'm really loving it!

THREE // Jewelled Cardigan Sweater
I got this sweater on clearance at the end of last summer (I know, it's been a while)! I wasn't sure just how much I'd wear it, but gave it a shot because it was so cheap. Well, I have to say, it's become one of my go-to sweaters for dressing up a look or adding a layer of coziness. The jewelled buttons add just the right hint of sophistication while the puffed sleeves are dreamy and a bit vintage. Also, the colour, that is somewhere between taupe and grey, is so versatile! I plan on wearing it with summer dresses and think it will be just the right layer on those cooler early spring days. 

FOUR // Every Bagel Seasoning
I've always loved everything bagels so when I found this everything bagel seasoning, I grabbed one. The possibilities are endless! This sesame seed, poppy seed and garlic blend is so versatile I bit on everything (ha!) A little sprinkle in scrambled eggs, a dash in a grilled cheese sandwich, a hint in a salad or a topping on some avocado toast. It is just that good! Also, a little goes a long way, so this jar will last me a while, even if I put this stuff on everything. Oh, I just had an idea: next time I bake a bread, guess what's going on top! Move over bagel, there's going to be a new everything baked good in town.

FIVE // Double Gold Chain Belt
How great is this double gold chain belt? It's both edgy and glamorous! I'd been looking for a similar style for years now because I love the effect worn with a midi skirt (and we all know I have plenty of those hanging in my closet...) This one is more of a waist belt and can be worn with skirts, dresses or even high-waisted pants. It's a great accessory to add to a little black dress to refine it just a bit. I'd also see myself wearing this around the holidays as I find gold stands out really well with all manner of tartan. I look forward to finding interesting ways of styling such a statement belt.

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