28 Mar 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #145

ONE // Piano
The biggest thing to happen this week was that we finally have a piano again! We had inherited a family piano years ago but sadly lost it in the fire back in 2016. We've been wanting to replace it ever since, but it was never a top priority and it's a big expense. We got really lucky this week when an aunt and uncle put their piano up for grabs. Needless to say, we jumped on the opportunity! We had to rearrange the living room, so I took the time to do a bit of spring cleaning before it arrived. Within a few days, the piano had been rehomed and we couldn't be happier with it! We still have to get it tuned, but one step at a time!

TWO // Superstore
After having watched all of Parks and Rec for the first time (I enjoyed it!), I decided to delve into a new-to-me series: Superstore! It was recommended to me a few times and I'm happy I'm getting around to watching it. It's a great, light-hearted comedy that follows the staff of a big box store. Let's just say that the storylines are so relatable and the line-up of characters is hilarious! I've laughed out loud pretty much during every episode so far. Some of the character acting is comedic gold! I'm only on season 2 and can't wait to watch the rest of them. I'm trying to pace myself, but it's too funny to just watch one episode at a time! 

THREE // Rockstar Jeans
I always turn to Old Navy for basic jeans. I discovered their Rockstar style back in 2012 with the popularity of the coloured jeans and have been buying them ever since. Truth be told, I still have most of my coloured jeans... You never know when the trend will circle back and I've got a great selection so it's worth hanging onto it! Ha! Anyways, I opted for a light blue wash for a springtime update to my wardrobe. Light jeans are great for spring and summer when you need a bit more coverage, but don't want them to look too heavy. I've already worn them plenty and will keep wearing them throughout the season!

FOUR // March Ipsy
My Ipsy bag actually arrived in the same month this time around, it had been a little while... I'm very happy with the contents. The Purlisse face cleanser is a dream, the two primers work well, and I'm loving the Tula brightening eye balm. I'm not loving the blending brush as I find it flimsy and the mascara is just ok, no big volume as promised. I think my favourite thing is the make-up removing cloths. These things are like magic! All you need is water, no make-up remover! Everything came off seamlessly, I was speechless. I still have to see how they fare in the wash, but so far, I'm impressed. I have yet to try the foot mask, but I've loved the ones I've used in the past. I might hang onto if for a few weeks until I give myself a springtime pedicure. À suivre!

FIVE // Striped Cushion Cover
Alright, I think I've got enough cushion covers for every season now. I have this one cushion in the living room that I like to switch up with my seasonal decor. I just have the one cushion form and just swap out the cover. It makes storage a breeze and somewhat justifies having multiple covers for it... My husband is not convinced, but I like it! My recent addition is this beige and rust striped version. I love the warmth of the colour palette and it's such a classic. It works so well in our living room! Swapping out cushions and throw blankets is such an easy way to update a space without committing to too much change.

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